Graffitilt’s New York Bubble Girl! (behind the scenes)

(Bubble Girl Preview)

So this weekend I had the pleasure of working with Tilt, a very amazingly talented great friend of mine. We were shooting for his book and also for another project that’s a Secret ;). Tilt is an amazing Graffiti artist who likes to combine fetishism with his art. He travels all over the world creating amazing pieces and chooses a girl from every place to be a part of his work. I worked with Tilt last November for Kidrobot, we did their summer look book for 09‘, we have been great friends ever since. I love shooting with him because I can be myself, he’s not about having girls be naked all the time, but the idea of good girls being flirty and the tease of it all. Some people might think my pictures are a bit raunchy, but this is just modeling for me, and I don’t do anything too risky. It’s no secret I love fetishism myself, It’s a part of who I am and definitely a part of my style. I think Tilt is the only person in the world who can compete with me on who has the most stripper heels lol!. Tilt and I are working on many different projects for next year, but for now, this is a preview of my Bubble Girl shoot for is new book.

Behind the Scenes with my Nikon.


Tilt on his BEAUTIFUL Vespa.

1st location of shoot..The Prince hotel. Not a place you would want to stay in lol.


Tilt designed these! I love them and told him he should make shoes!

(2 preview shots^) God I love this dress.

Prince for the Prince hotel!

(another preview shot^)

Ready to go to the second location!

Back at Tilts place.

This is how Tilts mind works.

I love New York!

Tilt had an awesome Idea to paint this latex dress..I told him I wanted to wear it out lol!. Too bad I ripped it before I could show my boyfriend;). clumsy me.

Tilt, Carla, and Borgy. They were awesome & joined us at the shoot to do a story on Tilt.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more updates!


17 Comments on “Graffitilt’s New York Bubble Girl! (behind the scenes)

  1. Damn! I love these pictures. Good girl gone badass! You definitely got into character and the pictures definitely portray that. Amazing!! I definitely love New York now. LoL. I’m one lucky guy. The world is not ready…..

  2. AHHHHH tell me why you KILLED IT with this shoot! I feel like I tell you this all the time when I leave comments, but your shit just keeps evolving! Look amazing. I love the couch shots.

    Keep it up lady.!

  3. Im sooooo glad you keep your hair long! Odd observation, right? In a world where women chop off their hair so frequently, it’s always nice to see luscious locks–ha! Go, Tilt & Goooo, V.V.!

  4. Tilt! Love that guy! The pictures are amazingggg! As usual. I wouldn’t expect anything less of amazing from you too! And that latex dress like a glove on u. I want it so badddd lol xo

  5. you are too adorable!!! Love the pics!

    Hey, what dress did you end up wearing for Thanksgiving? I loved the plum dress….

  6. Another GREAT shoot Jasmin!!! I Love the pix!! I love the Shoes as well! LOVE THAT RED!

    I know Joaquin would’ve loved to see that outfit up close XD LoL!
    He is very lucky or is it you that is the lucky one??

    the LATEX is killer
    you are such a doll
    and this shoot looks great so far
    can’t wait to see the rest
    amazing as usual
    keep it up Jasmin

  8. Dope post! I met Tilt at Kidrobot’s Munnyworld Gallery…said he was movin’ to the Philippines! …cool cat! haha

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