Nikon fun at the park.

Everyone, Meet Jaiden (a.k.a Godzilla, My cousin)

That’s my Grandmother, he’s always happy to see her.

This is my other cousin Elias, a ladies man.

Playing with leaves.

Godzilla found a flower.<3

Elias, inspecting the leaves.

Let Godzilla eat cake!

My son Rex.

My momma, looking pretty.

My grandmother loves the camera ❤

My 2 mommas. (grandma throwing up the horns! lol) I love you.


11 Comments on “Nikon fun at the park.

  1. Awww this is so lovely! I love love LOVE your Nanna throwing up the horns in the last picture, too funny and cute!

  2. you have a beautiful family Jasmin
    God bless
    thanks for sharing
    picture quality is amazing
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. godzilla is sooo cute!!!! i love those pictures! they look amazing, great camera! your grandma is too cute posing for the camera ahaha love it! what park is that?

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