Our DR trip!

I just recently got back from Dominican Republic and I must say…::inhales::….::Exhales::…It is such a BEAUTIFUL PLACE. I had such a wonderful time with wonderful people (Sharlene, Christa, Michelle, and Jose). Without Michelle and Jose showing us many beaches, sights, and beautiful lagoons, I dont know how we would have survived. Michelle not only showed us around Dominican Republic but she allowed us to stay at her beautiful Canary colored house. We drove all over DR entertained by the scenery and funny jokes Jose told the whole way, he had us cracking up from sunrise to sunset. I had such a good time with my two gal pals Sharlene and Christa, what two better girls to travel with?. Despite being bit by tons of mosquitos, this trip was well worth it and I have to give a huge thank you to Michelle for making this trip enjoyable and most of all “possible”. Here are some of our adventures we endured on the island of Dominican Republic.

The House

The back yard.



Sharlene looking beach-pretty.

Christa fell in love with the beach.



In awe of the ocean.

Sharlene, Michelle, and Christa.

I love this picture of Michelle.

The girls looking at the stars. It was the most beautiful night sky I had ever seen. That beauty in the Hawaiian dress is Michelle’s sister-in-law, she was awesome.


This was my favorite part of the trip.

eating area directly across the lagoon.

We were kinda scared that we didnt know what kind of creatures were in this lagoon.lolol

Other side of the lagoon. Sharlene and Michelle jumped off a 100 ft cliff into this lagoon.

Christa and I thought we were jungle women jumping off of ledges with a swing.

Michelle and I.

Monuments & Scenery

Yum coconut iced drinks.


All of us!

A fort..a sight for sore eyes.


Ready for the Discoteca.

Jose and his Presidente lol He was so much fun!

Bars/Restaurants on the beach..

Sangria anyone?

Strawberry daquiri that I never finished lol.


7 Comments on “Our DR trip!

  1. omg nice where is that laggon at? I love my country lol.. theres so much to see is never over.. and fun places everywhere I can’t belive yall went to bk chimis are way better lol

  2. Looks like an amazing trip. There are so many hidden treasures around the world, seems like you found some on this vacation. Glad you enjoyed the sunny beaches of DR Jazzzy baby.

  3. You girls look like you had so much fun! i love DR! glad u experienced the REAL way rather then stay at a resort the whole time! (which is fun too, but not the same ) Cant wait to go to the motherland! lol

    P.S Amazing pics! Christa’s work!? lol

  4. Wow…I just got back from St. Maarten a couple weeks ago…this reminds me of it. Really takes your breath away doesnt it? Great flicks!

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