Viva la Birthday Girl!


As you all know, I just turned 23 and I have to say this has been the best birthday a girl could ever ask for. I had my birthday dinner at The Elizabeth, an amazing restaurant with an even better menu..


The theme was Barbie and I am so happy that my gals attended looking fabulous as usual. I was vintage Barbie of course in a Karen Millen dress, and a pink Betsey Johnson dress shortly after for another rendez vu. We all enjoyed the food along with my Chanel and Gucci lipstick cupcakes! I think the cupcakes were the highlights of the night, they were so cute we didn’t even want to eat them lol. After the dinner we were off to party at a club or venue but there were lots of problems so we all just went home, I was already satisfied with my dinner so it wasnt a big deal. We were all so full from all of the food we ate that we all just wanted to go to club bed with dj pillows. My mother also bought a cake for me that sunday. My family came over and we all had a great time eating cake and watching movies. Today is my actual birthday and I’m going to spend it with my friends. I can’t tell you how happy I am and how happy ive been, and how thankful I am that all of my friends attended my party. My smile in these pictures don’t lie, I had everyone I loved in one room. ❤


My barbie cupcakes!


[Dress: Karen Millen / Gloves: Vintage / Ring: Tarina Tarentino / Shoes: Top Shop / Hat: vintage /Shoe Earings: DM]


Jerry and Christa (Malibu Barbie)!


Bianca, Sharlene, Stephanie, and Tammy! LOVE THEM!!!


Tammy (hot sex on a platter Barbie)


Look at her hot pink skirt! I die.


Trying realllly hard not to eat this cupcake lol!




Kirsy (pretty eyes Barbie)!! See the story she did on my Birthday Party!


Andrea in one of my favorite Betsey Johnson Dresses! (rose bud Barbie!)



Jay is Bboy ken lmao..he was surrounded by ladies the whole night..Heaven 🙂



Bia Barbie and Rock star Barbie Sharlene.

[To see sharlene’s post on my Birthday Celebration click here]


Barbie needed a bath.:)

At home for my birthday! DSC02842

This was the cake my mom got me on Sunday, who doesn’t love ice cream cake!?


This is my outfit that I wore, I was in a polka dot mood 🙂

[Betsey Johnson dress & cardigan, Casadai shoes, vintage hat]


Me, rex, and my Sister Brittany, so sad I dont have a pic with my momma:(.

More pics coming soon.


I just want to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes, I love and appreciate you all. I havent been this happy in a long time, and all of you contribute to that. Thank you sooo much.



17 Comments on “Viva la Birthday Girl!

  1. Happy Birthday Jasmin! Im glad to see that the dinner went GREAT!
    Those cupcakes looks delicious! I need to go to a bakery right now but it wont be the same. LoL!

    PS – Im glad that Barbie (you) found her Ken (Joaquin) & Ken found his Barbie. I wish the best for both of you. 😀

  2. Aw. happy birthday suga! You look absolutely divine in these photos! And a new beau that compliments you well!

    Love to see somebody happy! xo

    looks like you, your fellow Barbies & your Ken dolls had an amazing time.
    everyone looked great. especially you and your boy toy.
    Home Coming King & Queen circa 1952.
    i wish you many blessings and many many more years of fabulousness!

  4. J!! Happy birthday! You and Joaquin look great! It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to meetup while I was in NYC, but thanks for the Beacon’s Closet tip. I found some awesome shoes there, and also found a smashing vintage dress (with tags! circa 1970) and a few other goodies from Brooklyn thrift stores.

    I’m glad you had a fabulous birthday!


  5. aww looks like it was such a great time. i missed out =(
    congrats on your new boy toy, i just got one too, they are so much fun, what will we blog about out now?! i wish you many more years of barbie pink birthdays! xo

  6. barbie found her ken awww ❤ so happy for you! but really he does look like a damn ken doll! haha you guys are cute.
    ahora ten cuidado con las perras que tienen sed. LMFAO YOU LIKE DAT! :]P

  7. the pics came out great! i should start getting in photography! lol ahaha i had so much fun jaz, thnx for inviting me i had a great time.I’m so happy for you and J, you guys make a adorable couple and he looks like a great guy 🙂 xo

  8. Awww, your Monsieur (Mr.) is gawgous!!! You look oh so happy! Happy belated!

    Oh yea, please tell us the color and brand of that lipstick!!!

  9. So happy for you!
    And ur boo-boo’s name is Joaquin… why is myy BF OBSESSED w/ that name, has been telling me for years he wanna name his first born that. And I’m all like.. boo, this body aint giving birth to no babies. lol.

    glad u had a great one!

  10. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I am definitely savoring every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked to find out new stuff you post.

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