Fun with my new Nikon.

My mother and sister bought me a Nikon D40 for my birthday and today I finally took it for a spin. I think I found a new hobby<3


[My first 3 models.]


[Rex, my son]




[Me of course]


[Rex’s girlfriend Peanut]


[Rex’s friend Mikal]



Thanks mom & brit!


8 Comments on “Fun with my new Nikon.

  1. awesome. You ain’t lie girlfriend, Rex is a cutie pie!! Looks like an awesome fall day in the park with your doggy.

  2. ooh lala!
    Jasmin is that “the boy” you always mention on Twitter?

    if so, kudos to you honey. he is fine.

    there is cuteness overload in this post between you, the man-candy, and those adorable puppies I think my ovaries just about exploded.

    have fun with your new camera.
    can’t wait to see what you cook up for us!


  3. whoa whoa whoa, if this is that boy on twitta you mention, DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    Get it my girl. Lol.

    And you do the fall look very fall, here in AZ, it’s been 95 degrees still! Shoot me!


  4. The cutest i have to say… rex, his girlfriend and buddies so adorable (animal lover) love it.. have fun with your new spiffy camera.

  5. Your welcome, Jasmin. Anything to make your dreams come true.

    Love your Mom.

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