My Halloween Costume!

Dia De los Muertos- Inspired by 666 Photography


When I saw this image from 666 Photography, I died. 666 Photography is known all over the world for their amazing surrealistic photographs. I’ve never seen team work done so beautifully. I was so inspired by this image, I was about to get it tattooed to my back. A lot of people have tattooed this image already and I didn’t even care. It is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. This photo is part of a collection of “Dia de los muertos”. There are 4 versions, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Summer stood out to me out of all of them. While working at AP with my girl Scarlet and discussing my idea of getting this tattooed she told me I should be one of the “Dia de los muertos” for Halloween and I made it happen. Took be 5 hours to remake this whole costume, and a lot of fabric flowers. I never thought in a million years that I could create something this beautiful, its inspired me to do so much more and it definitely brought me back into sewing.

Photo 117Photo 119

I added a little bit of myself into this costume by wearing a spiked bracelet, skull earings, and my favorite D&G spiked heels.



36 Comments on “My Halloween Costume!

    • ugh the process of taking the makeup off and costume off and doing it all over again the next day was kinda hectic lol..but I got it done! Thank you for the compliment!<3

      • Can I ask how did you make the neck piece? I am wanting to make, well hoping to make a similar one.
        Thankyou 🙂

  1. WOW.

    you looked absolutely AMAZING!

    this is what Halloween is all about.

    CREATIVE and SEXY (not slutty).

    you are so inspiring. i hope you enjoyed yourself!


  2. OH WOW! That is just amazing!!!!!!
    Like the others said you have out done yourself again this year.
    I cant wait until next year! ^-^

  3. sweetnesssss you outdid yourself, if i were to dress like a dia de los muertos too i would of looked horrible next to u lmao. i`m speechless!

  4. dude that came out amazing. i now respect halloween. thats pretty fucking sick. next year i’ll be the summer one with u lol. no more eyeliner whiskers.

  5. Amazing job as always. Crazy how something that can be scary can look so beautifully sexy. Loved it!

  6. Truly DOPE.. im one of those peeps that got the Potrait Tattd. of your costume and i must say u pulled it off PERFECTLY!

  7. I saw you and couldn’t get over how amazingly cute your costume was ❤

  8. Hey! My sister found this blog and sent it over. I’m the makeup artist for 666 and “model” in the muertos series. You did a great job with your recreation! Well done. And thanks for the shout out! xoxo lmn

    • Omg Lisa, it is so nice to meet you!..You have no idea how heavily inspired I am by your work and your contribution to 666 photography..My hope is that I can go to Texas and work with you guys someday (Im adding this to my bucket list). Thank you so much for commenting! I wish you guys were in NY:(..keep inspiring..XOXO

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  10. Hi, I AM AMAZED BY YOUR BEAUTY and your artistic ability! I am dying to know, how did you make the flower neck piece for this costume?

  11. Can you tell me what type of white face makeup you used? I like that it looks white, but not too costumey. Thanks in advance.

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  13. How did you make that lovely neck piece?? Is it a neck piece? A shawl? it’s absolutely LOVELY!

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