Lady Luck!


So the other day while selling dresses at the Betsey Sale, I cam across a customer in the fitting room who was trying on BJ dresses when she stopped to try on a dress her mother bought her as well. Her mom complimented my outfit and said I reminded her of herself back in the day and we immediately got along. The womans daughter pulls out this beautiful mustard colored, rain coat looking dress, with paint splatters all over it…I DIED and muttered “Oh my god. If you happen to hate the dress, I will totally buy it from you”. TO my luck she hated the dress and I tried it on and it was meant to be!.I bought the dress from her, its MOSCHINO (which doesn’t surprise me), still had the tags attached, and guess what..theres pockets!..

This dress is a staple in my collection because It completely symbolizes who I am, It has a complete 40s/50s cut, its one of my favorite colors, I just happen to be a painter, and its Vandalized!. This is THEE VINTAGE VANDALIZM DRESS. It even matches my business cards!


If that’s not luck, I don’t know what else is.


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