Betsey Madness!

Here are some of the goodies I got from Betsey’s recent sample sale!


Betsey makes this dress all the time in different patterns, I would know..I have this dress in three colorways. I love the fact that it has corset sides and pockets! I love this pattern so much I got this dress in the A-line version and the Pencil cut!


I also have this pencil cut dress in different patterns as well.


I love the ruffles on this dress, the ruffles in the front drop at the back so the front is shorter than the back. So cute.


Cant go wrong with this dress, its adorable. The purse is also something I picked up, BJ makes the cutest purses!


I also got this purse in black, love the chain straps!


Cant go wrong with BJ’s signature sexy satin dresses, I love them all! She always makes them in great colors too!


O’ Sailor you know I had to grab this one. Its self-explanatory. Speaking of Sailor, check out this necklace!



Wasnt crazy about this dress until I tried it on. You already know what happened after that.


This might be one of my Birthday dresses, love hot pink! The purse isn’t BJ, it’s actually vintage.


BJ’s sweaters and sweater dresses are like candy! You can’t get enough of them! I love that this one I can completely unzip from my neck to my elbow.


Lovely lips BJ purse!


Happy Valentine’s came early! Love the hearts on these pumps!


BJ’s signature rose print is to die for, I grabbed this bag to take all of my stuff home in..Not bad. I love it!

Come to Betsey Johnson Sample sales! She always has goodies for cheap prices!


8 Comments on “Betsey Madness!

  1. Girl your closet must be the size of my apartment (read jealousy – lol)! great dresses especially the black with white lace – wow wow. 🙂

  2. aww
    we literally have all those pieces at my store now. Yay. U look awsome in em. The sparkly pink poofy is prob my fave!
    how much did u approximately pay for a dress?

  3. i love all of your finds VV!! (if I may call you that 🙂 )

    I love the black ruffle dress, the lace corset dress and the chunky necklace…

    Ive never been to one of her sample sales… I will have to sign up now! Thanks for sharing!

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