V.V x John Walder.


[Photographer: John Walder/ Hair & MUA: me/ Wardrobe: me]

I had the pleasure of working with John Walder yesterday and there is no doubt that he is an amazingly talented photographer. John is not only talented with photography but he is also an amazing cook, god I’m hungry just thinking about it. We had so much fun doing this shoot, John has an awesome personality and I am so glad to have met him. Its hard to find good people these days, glad he’s one of them. John and I will be working on more photo shoots together in the future. Please take a look at his blog & his website.



13 Comments on “V.V x John Walder.

  1. GREAT photoshoot Jasmin!!! You look spectalur as always! Mr. Walden did a GREAT job as well! The pictures looking AMAZING!!!

  2. Girl you look fabulous, born to be in front of the camera. You are in NYC right? I may be coming out next month if I do I’d love to take your photo! 🙂

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