Vintage finds: Bronx!


Derek and I made a trip to the new Michael’s in the Bronx today to buy frames for his work and a piece he did for me. When we arrived at Michael’s someone then told us they weren’t open yet so we had to go to the one in Queens where I live. While walking back to the car I noticed a huge “Thrift Store” sign peeking straight at me, and of course I had to go in. We actually went to two thrift stores in the Bronx and these are some of the goodies I found.


This hat was pretty neat, and of course I had to buy the poncho. It was so warm! Poncho: $5


I felt very holy in this cape, it was cool but way too white for me.


I told Derek that I had a feeling I would find something on that rack. BINGO! Black dress with gold sequins and pointy shoulders. These dresses are all over Soho right now selling for $100+..I got this one for $15 bucks and it fits like a glove!


Another amazing dress, and god do I love plaid! The shoulders are amazing the fit is nice and comfy and I cant wait to turn this into a 50’s ensemble. $3.50 yes people you heard right, red tag 50% off!



It’s a recession people, you can still be in fashion with cheaper price tags!


16 Comments on “Vintage finds: Bronx!

  1. oh my God. i live in the Bronx.. WHERE ON EARTH (THE BRONX LOL) IS THIS THRIFT STORE?
    what is the address?
    these finds are amazing chica!
    and you look stunning as usual.
    also, could you please let us know what eyeliner you use?
    you always have such sexy cat eyes. meow. LOL


  2. You should get paid to thrift.
    You are WAY too good at it!


  3. Those last two dresses are amazing! I always get bored looking in thrift stores, I guess I dont have an eye like you do and the smell in those stores puts me off too. Great job darling! The belt with that sequined dress really makes it!

  4. that last dress, the plaid, goes HARD. So much could be done with that dress and no doubt you will do exactly that!

  5. The gold dress is amazing, theplid looked a bit big… but once you got it home and styled it it’ts fab! 🙂

  6. i love love the gold dress… I live in the Bronx, where are these thrift stores at? Please share!

  7. oh… when are you planning on rocking long leather gloves?… i just picked up a pair and they are gorg!

  8. OMG I was there this past sunday and found the most beautiful corset dress for 10 bucks. I’m dying to go back.

    • OMFG
      can you guys share where is that store???? it look sliek sooo much fun!
      | Reply Masiel

      OMG I was there this past sunday and found the most beautiful corset dress for 10 bucks. I’m dying to go back.

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