My trip to Delaware


I haven’t rested much since I quit my last job, I don’t rest at all actually. I decided after a long few weeks of none-stop work that I would just get away for a little bit, and hopefully not feel bad about it. My aunt Janet lives in Delaware, she’s always been like my second mom and always very supportive. Her house is the most relaxing getaway ever, just sitting on her patio watching the birds and the trees did it for me. For the first time In a long time, I didn’t feel so bad about not posting on my blog, or for other blogs, booking photo shoots or tending to other projects I wanted to complete. Sometimes you have to get away to clear your head, to start thinking clearly and really focus on whats really important. I knew I deserved this, I NEEDED THIS, I actually rested, and I had an awesome time. Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner was beautifully and tastefully served by her amazing husband Joe who is not only an amazing cook but can play the guitar. We went on trails, played games, watched movies, and visited art shops so I could buy and make things when I got back. Things I missed. Speaking of “missing things”..I missed my mom and often wished she was there relaxing with me, because that is one woman who never sits down. I guess I get it from her. 🙂


Pink mushrooms: I thought that if I grabbed a piece of the right side, id grow ten stories high, and if I grabbed the left, Id grow to about an inch small.




Poker keeno


Michaels. Owel’s on my head.


Reproduced Vintage Barbie


What a beautiful sighting of my favorite paint!


4 Comments on “My trip to Delaware

  1. Thats the Barbie that i think of that you represent :D; did u get it?

    && looks like you had an amazing getaway wknd….

  2. Looks like you had a great little vacation. I love that pic of the bridge & the dress looks spectacular. I know it’s going to look GREAT on you!! 🙂
    Hope all is well & have a Bless day/week/month/rest of the year!

  3. Dear Jaz,

    I’m so happy to read that you were able to R&R in our home and I look forward to seeing you again in November!

    Love Always,
    Titi Janette

  4. sounds like you had an amazing time,the pictures are nice,and it seems like a perfect spot to clear the thoughts

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