Fashion Week: Agent Provocateurs “Soiree” show


The fashion show was held at the Soho Grand. A beautiful hotel, perfect for an amazing new line called “Soiree” by Agent Provocateur. I wore Agent Provocateur to the show, a black body suit called “Anastasia”, It goes well with my padded shouldered jacket. I paired the body suit with Leather leggings and my Dolce & Gabanna Spiked boots, for a military meets Lingerie look.


This Bolero is also a bra because It has underwire, its genuine leather, and I fell in love with the studded detail. Pretty amazing if you ask me.


As you can see the back of the bolero has the AP symbol in studs. Ugh I die.


I was a little shocked in this picture lol.


Kim & I striking a pose.


This is the “Hellouise” Corset, It’s the “Amanda” shape with studded detail. It’s over $4,500, Id sell my soul for this.

[Below are the amazing models]


See how amazing this looks on her?


My favorite piece of the show and guess what? you can’t see her pasties but they are studded too!


You have to appreciate the Lace detail on this corset, absolutely stunning.


A beautiful Bra, Waspie, and Thong ensemble.


This is “Kelly-rama” a sequined version of the “Kelly” set.


Agnesa in a beautiful lace negligee. I adored this piece.


AP has now managed to make leopard print into Lace. Genius.


And last but not least, the play suit we all loved with the swarovski chain links.

Thank you AP for allowing me to get behind the scenes!

Fantastic show!


10 Comments on “Fashion Week: Agent Provocateurs “Soiree” show

  1. Wow that must have been some show! Loved your outfit by the way!
    That studded Corset is Crazy & Amazing! O_O

  2. See, Victoria Secret’s gets a television aired runway show…but if you ask me, Agent Provocateur deserves one more.
    Your fit is super ill, xTen. Eeeeeeeee. ❤

  3. I just had to pick up my jaw from the floor!!! wow!!! I didn’t think it was possible but AP outdid themselves again!!! visual orgasms! & you look stunning as always.

  4. Hellouise and lacey negligee= ORGASMIC. they just took spikes, leather, and lace to a whole other level, bettie page would so proud. ❤ your ensemble too! much better then kim kardashian YRB shoot. xo

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