Hats, Hats, Hats in Coney Island!


I went to Coney Island today with my mother and sister, I haven’t been there in such a long time, I was excited. We went to the aquarium and also walked around on the boardwalk. While walking to the train we noticed a big flea market by Nathans, I didn’t think anything of it considering most of the people who had tables out were packing up. We decided to go in any way, and to my surprise there was a vendor there with tons of AMAZING HATS. I tried almost all of them on and I couldn’t believe how amazing the prices were. Most of the hats were $5 bucks! the rest were only $10. I couldn’t help myself and purchased 5 hats for only $25 bucks. The labels on the hats say “Swan Hat for jass designs“, they also have a phone number 516-256-0420 so you guys can call them to see what other venues carry their hats but, I suggest that you all visit the “Flea by the Sea” flea market at Coney Island.



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