Au Revoir Agent Provocateur.


You will be missed.

Ah, where can I start.. I always said Betsey Johnson was the best job I have ever had the pleasure of working for, but at last she has met her match when I started working for Agent Provocateur. Within the first few months of working for AP I had a set to match every single Betsey dress I owned, It was a big conversion considering I was so used to my Victoria’s Secret cotton briefs. This was obviously an upgrade by a long shot, I was now walking around in expensive lingerie feeling confident, sexy, even when I had the worst outfit on. I have to say, It wasn’t just the lingerie that I loved and will miss, It’s the friends I made, the things that I learned from them, and the good times we had.

A year later I realized I was getting too comfortable, I knew retail just wasn’t for me anymore and that now this was the time to work towards my career. I hardly had any days off this whole summer because I tried to cram everything (career related) into my days off with a full-time position. It was time to put full focus on my career. It’s just way to hard for me to get anything done in a better pace working a full-time job that I devote myself to, and after a while the devotion faded and I just wasn’t happy anymore. I always say “If there is something you don’t like about your life, change it”. It was time to move forward and take a dose of my own medicine and take that big leap of faith. I left AP with no hard feelings, they understood how I felt, were really supportive, and I will miss them so much. We have all had our moments where we got our panties in a bunch lol, but at the end of the day, we all just want to sit at fanelli’s and enjoy a drink with each other, or in my case a Shirley Temple <3.

Love you ladies!



little girl.

One Comment on “Au Revoir Agent Provocateur.

  1. Holly crap… u really left… u go girl.. Wish u the best in everything u do…love u always.. Ur little cuzo joneva

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