Amazing V.V Portrait by Derek Santiago!


Santiago is an amazing artist known world-wide for his amazing, colorful, cultural, vibrant, sexy pinups. I met him a few months ago and I have to say, aside from being amazingly talented, and extremely intelligent, he is definitely one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I am completely honored that he even took the time to make an awesome painting of me. Thank you so much Derick, for being a wonderful friend and a wonderful artist. We need more people/artists out there like you.

to see the post of this piece on his website, click here.

To see the rest of his amazing pieces,

click here for gallery 1.

click here for gallery 2.



8 Comments on “Amazing V.V Portrait by Derek Santiago!

  1. LOVE IT!! Derick is amazing!!! I spoke to him a while back via FB and I am so inspired by his art and love for pin ups! SO SWEET!

  2. Derek really did an amazing job.

    It makes me wonder what the rest of the BBDDs will look like. More monsters, werewolves and vampies perhaps?

    Schmenkee’s the bestest ❤

  3. very very nice… i visited his website and he has some amazing pieces.. I emailed him to see if he can do one for me!

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