Rumblers Car show in Brooklyn!

Picture 25

It was a rainy day, I wasn’t really sure if it would stop but I got dressed up for the car show anyway. I think the hot pants from American apparel is now my signature, as some people from the Coney Island show remembered me because of them. They are my favorite pants after all, I nearly forgot that I wore them at the last show lol. The rain was a bummer, I knew my dad wouldn’t take the Nova out for a spin in this rain. I really wanted him to showcase his hard work, and when we arrived to see that the show was still up and running, I think he thought the same. We had such a good time there anyway, my dad and I aren’t close so I was surprised to see that he knew so many people who were there. It’s crazy how many things we have in common, but we are always about to kill each other lol. While my dad got caught up in conversations with old pals, my mom and I walked around browsing the vendor tents and taking pictures with the cars. I bumped into a few people I knew like Dale Rio, an amazing photographer who contributes to many hot rod magazines and my friend Cynthia whom I met at the Mode Merr fashion show. It was so good to see familiar faces.

Picture 31

I think my favorite part of the day was when I found a pair of Vintage cat eye glasses that were a perfect fit. They are authentic vintage and they say “first lady” in script on the inside. I fell in love with the cars there, I felt like a little kid at a candy store, not to mention the hot guys that were there. I was just wondering where they all were hiding in all this time lol. There’s another show coming up soon and if the weather permits it, my dad can showcase the beauty that’s been sitting in that garage for way too long. Too bad we had to leave early for a wedding, , but it was all worth it in the end.


[Dad & I]

1IMGDSC02031Rumblers 09 009IMG_0549

[Me & Cyn]



4 Comments on “Rumblers Car show in Brooklyn!

  1. u don’t understand how perrrrrfect those hot pants fit u. ughhh soo jealous.

    Did u get my facebook comment about my Betsey interview????


  3. love this outfit and those shoes!…can;t believe i went through all the pages of your your style:) i’m hooked

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