Back on!


This is a picture taken by Craig Altamira (leading photographer for and Teen vogue street fashion) while Crystal and I were on our way to Pinche Taqueria for lunch. We also were filmed for a show that will air all over Europe (no release date till further notice). It was funny because we were just walking to get tacos lol. Anyway, Crystal is one of my best friends, she’s in the newest issue of Inked magazine which I will be posting up pictures up soon. If you think she looks beautiful here, wait till you see the pictures!

To see the post on Altamira’s personal Street fashion blog click here.

[To see previous photos Craig has taken of me in the past there are links in my press section.]

Visit for the BEST street fashion worldwide!


2 Comments on “Back on!

  1. omg jaz u rock baby!!love the pic so retrochic!! and nylon mag ??? WTF im so happy u r da best boo!! cant wait to u in it!!!

  2. Love your shoes! And hey, I live in Europe, so let us know what the program is called, and I’ll look out for it 🙂

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