LA finds!

A week ago I visited LA for the first time. California is one of my favorite places to go shopping, it has amazing vintage, consignment, and stripper shops that leave you broke before your trip is over. I spent a lot of time wandering around the Melrose and downtown Hollywood areas of LA and boy did I find some awesome one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are some of the treasures I found in Los Angeles.


These are 4 jumpers I bought on Melrose at a Japanese store. The other jumper is being shipped because I forgot it at my friend’s house. I will add it to this post as soon as I receive it.


I stumbled upon this dress while entering the store and had to have it in 2 colors. Its linen and backless (see below), very sexy for almost any occasion, I could see myself wearing it with bohemian flip flops or leather stilettos. The hat is from “American Vintage” (1 of the best vintage stores on melrose), I fell in love with the shape of it.


This is the other color way, I love that I can do a whole Safari based look with this one. The box purse is from “SLOW” another vintage store on Melrose. [Vintage box purse details below]


This is another jumper that caught my eye, Its jean material makes it versatile for a sporty or sexy look. This one is also backless.


This is the last jumper out of the 4 I purchased that I just want to wear every day for the rest of my life. It is so comfortable and a good throw-on piece that can be worn in a million ways and styles.


I love this purse. It made me so happy to leave with it. It makes me want to be a pirate and sale the 7 seas in style.


These are flower belts from Japan. they look so nice when they are styled right.


I always said “If I get a pair of louboutin’s they better be fucking SPECIAL”. These babies are definitely special, especially because they are BRAND NEW. I purchased them at “Wasteland”, a shop I visited about 5 times while I was in LA.


Stripper shoes.. Come on, I couldn’t leave LA without buying a pair of these infrared babies!


Bone earrings. Bought them at a vintage shop, not so sure if they are vintage though. All in all they are beautiful.


We went to Santa Monica/ Venice beach and passed many vendors except one guy who were selling these bangles. Of course I had to have one!


These are my official Casadei barbie shoes, when I put them on I feel like princess barbie. They have huge swarovski hearts on the front with polka dot/pink ruffles around them. BEAUTIFUL.


A vintage cropped top I found in Silver Lake. It was a cool find in an ever cooler shop.


I also bought these in that same cool vintage shop in Silver Lake. Cat eyes for days!

If you want to visit cool shops, please go to LA!


14 Comments on “LA finds!

  1. I thik I fainted twice like at everything! your closet id by far my Favorite.. we must shoot soon!

  2. welllllllll my goodness
    you sure know how to shop
    hopefully when im in LA i can check these places out
    love everything you bought
    that bangle is SEXY!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your finds! Especially the Louboutin shoes! Arent they the most beautifully made shoes ever!?

  4. Wow – very jealous of your great finds! Enjoy the Loubs…I have a love hate relationship with mine (my GOD they hurt…every pair I’ve ever had hurt but they look soooo nice 🙂

    That “safari” look screams NEFERTITI to me 🙂 love it!

  5. the shoes! the shoes! the accessories had me swooning. i would pay a hefty sum for the shoes and cat eye shades. love the little flower belts. cant wait to see how you rock them.

  6. I must have the Barbie shoes. I can see me clicking my heels three times in these … So happy to hear you have a great trip out in La La Land. Ain’t that place a trip?

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