B.E.S.T party at Pop Burger!

So last night Christa, Kirsy and I decided to attend the B.E.S.T party at pop burger because our friend Scott invited us. After that we went to Grace hotel for a pool party, followed by Nikki beach to meet up with my friend Soraya at her friends going away party. I decided to wear one of the jumpers I bought in LA from Japan. I paired it with one of my swim suits from Agent Provocateur with my D&G candy apple pumps. My glasses are vintage. Boy was it a hit here in New York!.I was even blogged about on Officiallf which was really nice. All the girls looked awesome and we had such a good time. Girls night was official!

Picture 29Kerry-Bikini-BraDSC01813DSC01818

[Christa the Costa Rican queen.]


[Miss Debutante Kirsy]




Grace hotel.


Soraya, Me, & Christa



10 Comments on “B.E.S.T party at Pop Burger!

  1. Jazzy u look fuckin* AWWESOME … u a stunna lol..nah fo’ real tho. U look gr8 sis..u lucky u my sis (jks) hahaha 🙂

  2. ur hair is sooo lawwwwng. I love it!

    i just chopped mine. tiny lil shoulder length curls only cuz the last time I went to NYC and got my hair straightened at some dominican salon, when I washed my hurr it looked liek she put a relaxer, my hair was mad stringy yuck. and i was trying to let it grow. Soraya knows i dream on her lawwng curly locks too. now I have to start back from scratch!!! but anyhoooooo
    u look really good. as always!!!

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