My short but lovely trip to LA.


I decided about a month ago, that I would check out LA. I was always curious considering I’ve been all over California, but LA. I knew I would love it, people told me over and over how much they love LA and how they wish they could live there. Now I wish I could live there. “Nothing is impossible” is what I’ve been saying to myself the past 2 days I’ve been back here, so now, I’m deeply considering it.


Welcome to LA. Melrose. First stop; Agent Provocateur to see my girl Clare. She used to work with us here in NY, so I missed her a lot. She’s a big ball of energy and so much fun to be around. Thanks to Clare, I had a place to stay and a better sense of direction. This trip would have been hectic for me without Clare. She’s awesome.


[Clare & Alana]

I met a few of the other girls too, they were super cool. They were so friendly, especially my new friend Alana. Alana is a Hawaiian beauty who’s been living in LA for a while, she has an adorable dog named Pablo who jumps around like a kangaroo, and she drives a black truck like a hot revolver. I spent most of my trip with both of these gals, and honestly they both made my trip great from start to finish.

My second stop. Shopping on Melrose. [LA Finds coming soon!]

These are some of the amazing shops that caught my eye on Melrose.


Third stop. Hollywood.


I got to visit the Bettie Page store in Hollywood, it was awesome and now they even have Bettie
Page mannequins!


Me & Clare getting spanked by the Bettie Page spanking machine. Ouch.


Do you know what Hollywood is best for? Stripper and Wig shops! I mean, who doesn’t love stripper shoes? they are the best. You can find some really awesome shoes for cheap in these places.


Forth stop.  Out with Sneaker Steve to Sofietel Hotel for a Crooks and Castles party, then we were off to another event. We had SO much fun with Steve, honestly, I probably would have stayed in all 3 nights if he didn’t take us out.


OK so I have to talk about the art and the amazing cars I saw on every corner. LA is a museum in itself. Everywhere I looked, there was art or a vintage car. It was awesome to see 2 of my favorite things all over the place.


This is the view from Clare’s roof.


[Adorable Murry sun bathing]


Intelligentsia is a coffee shop Clare and Alana go to every morning. Its their favorite place, mine too, considering there were hot guys all over that place.


[Clare, Alana, Alana’s boobies lol I love her.]


Breakfast at Dusty’s. See how happy we get when we see food?


Santa Monica/Venice beach.


Johnny Rockets Farewell lunch 😦


Last hugs from my girls..I miss them already..


[Kiki and I, I met her on my last day but she was really sweet]


Thank you Alana and Clare for making this trip special.

I’ll be back girls! I love you guys!


14 Comments on “My short but lovely trip to LA.

  1. Awww ur pics make me miss the west coast like crazy! U should def move out there and give it a try!

  2. Goddd!!! What in the world is better than LA!? Toldddd ya…. I look forward to taking over with you. Hope we do this 4 real 4 real

  3. Loked like you had a great time! I def want to go with you next time!

  4. OMG… great pics!! looks like u had so much fun…. ahh betsey lovers unite <33 haha

  5. those vintage shops look amazing. all those boots in that one pic. i need them. lol. great stuff sweets! if you move out there, i’ve been contemplating cali as well this past months.

  6. It looks so you Jas! You should definitely try it out, you have nothing to lose.

    side note: uugh your photos are making me miss LA lol.

  7. Just Amazing!
    I do definitely want to go visit LA
    I have a couple of animator friends out there.
    Oh yeah BTW GREAT outfits.
    I ❤ The Heart top you had. 🙂

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