BBetsey Johnson sample sale: July 09′

If you haven’t been to any of Betsey Johnson’s sample sales, you are absolutely crazy. Betsey Johnson may be a tad bit expensive, but she always throws an amazing sale! Here are some goodies I just received!


I love the colors of this dress, she makes this shape frequently and I have to say Its my favorite. Such a good day dress.


This dress reminds me of the last Fashion show I attended of Betsey Johnson, called Beat Nik. She took inspiration from her old designs, I have quite a few authentic vintage Betsey dresses and I have to say, she’s been good since who knows when. This was one of my favorite pieces from the show.


I do NOT mind looking like a cupcake. Cant wait to wear this!


Oh how I loved the wallpaper the Soho BJ store had when I was working there. Now I can remember it forever because the print is on my dress.:D


Classic pink leopard sweater dress.. I don’t have many sweater dresses, this one should come in handy come fall.


I fell in love with the color on this dress, I have a weird infatuation with Fade-outs. So pretty.


Betsey also makes amazing jersey dresses, this one is completely backless.


I love this dress, the glittering hearts stole my attention the minute I stepped through those doors. If I’m correct this is from Betsey’s Anniversary collection she did recently, everything was pink. I remember seeing this dress on the website and wanting it so bad. Good karma?


Who doesn’t need a puffy skirt? I love it because its high waisted.


When I worked for BJ I bought the coat version of this print only it was neon blue and creams, I’m almost positive the vibrant colors of my coat can catch someones eye from a mile away. This print has greens and yellows in it, good colors for summer and fall.


God I love Samples. I used to grab them every time they sent samples to my store just because they were usually 1 of 1’s. It meant that I had an original Betsey piece, a special piece. This top is a sample, and I love it.


Very Alice in wonderland, my type of dress. Betsey makes the best kimono’s in the most vibrant colors, I could collect them all If I could.


Both the skirt and the top are BJ, you can’t see but this top has gold buttons on the sides of the elbows and neck area. I have a thing for plaid too, this skirt is too hot for words.


I do not plan on wearing these 2 items together, but It does kinda look cute together, kinda?…Whatever! I love it, the leggings are awesome, and the top I can pair with daisy dukes.:)


I love the tattoo prints BJ has been doing, I wanted the dress in this print but I’ll settle for the shirt!


Betsey Jeans! I love that she loves skulls as much as me. These jeans have a matching cropped jacket.


Betsey Cardigans are the best, I swear I have over ten of them in different colors and patterns, they go perfect with her dresses.


Sample top, Its pretty awesome. I want to wear this top with a red bow tie, or maybe red lipstick…It needs something red!


The sample onezy! So I have the top, but I couldn’t resist the jumper. I don’t think anyone paid any attention to how amazing this piece was when it hung on the rack for hours. I tried it on and knew it was fate, LOVE IT! It too has the white-collar.


I am wild for pencil skirts, I actually have the dress version of this skirt. Its very bondage like with the corset back and the side belt buckles. Dangerously hot.


Check this cute little bolero out, the crystal detail looks awesome, sooo sparkly.


Last but not least, this flamenco dress. It’s so good, so good, so good. I have many black dresses but this one is kinda sorta special.

Have you visited the website yet? If not click here.


14 Comments on “BBetsey Johnson sample sale: July 09′

  1. I hate and love you at the same time.
    Is that shit even possible? lol
    Fire, as usual.

  2. where and when are these betsey johnson sample sales? i would looove to go and get me some dresses!

  3. Can anyone rent my daughter a closet? It needs to be the size of her room. Jasmin you look amazing in all the pieces but can you slow down a bit? Love ya. 😛

  4. You are a gifted young talent with an amazing eye not only for the anatomy of fabric’s construction and it’s interchangeability, but a clothing shamen-ess seeing the invisible bringing it forth for the rest of us to go “AHHHHH I SEE NOW!.”

    Your future shines brightly.


  5. Great great great!! I love that your wore that sunflower outfit – hollar! My favorite has got to be the first dress. I would love to go to a sample sale!

  6. I have been getting promos for the sample sales and haven’t gotten out to get anything, (can’t quite fit into any of it just yet! boo!) But girl, you look phenomenal. Great pics. Hard to pick a favorite but I don’t mind looking like cupcake either, the shirtdress with the hand cannons slays me and I need the black top with the pink flowers…droooool. Great little virtual fashion show. The wallpaepr dress and pink leopard print too. Aye jo mio. Bravo!

  7. absolutely AMAZING!! you look great in all the dresses!! your style always catches my eye…do you know if she has any sample sales in the florida area? Love her clothing and have a few things but like you say it does get a bit expensive!!

  8. You should speak to Betsey, I think she needs to know about you! Where are your Betsey Johnson shades? lol, visit since we know you love Betsey Johnson so much, you will be delightfully surprised at some of those hard to find items! You deserve it so continue to pamper yourself and Thanks for being alive! You Rock!

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