Project Party @ Atrium store in Soho.


So I got invited to an event at the Atrium store & attended the event with my aunt Alex and her friend. While they ate coconut shrimp appetizers and enjoyed Coney Island Lager’s, I tried desperately not to wonder into the racks of clothing that surrounded us. Thank god I don’t drink, I’d probably max out my credit card and return the next day with buyer’s remorse. I didn’t really know what to wear for an event like this, all I really wanted to do was wear a blazer. So I searched in my closet and paired one of my favorite vintage lace dresses with this silk Anne Klein blazer, a Betsey Johnson belt and bag, and my infamous D&G spiked heels. Love it! It was a well worth it event because I got to see a few of my friends I haven’t seen in a while, Sneaker Steve and William Yan, two awesome genius’. I left the event a little earlier but I left with my Coney Island Lager! Its a souvenir because I love CI so much.




[Me and my Aunt Alex]



He made sure I didn’t lose my umbrella the whole night! He was awesome!


Long term friends, Steve and Alex.




Me and Steve leaving the party..See you in LA!


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