Summer goodies..

I’m not a big label whore, however, “Dolce & Gabbana” and “Karen Millen” always seem to grab my attention with their amazing pieces. I’ve been a returning customer of both designers for a while now, I just love how they take their designs to a whole other level. Here are some of my new D&G and Karen Millen pieces.

I love these because they remind me of construction timbs, but a more fashionista version of it. The heels on these boots are insane, they may not look high, but I feel like im walking on the tips of my toes with these babies..Love it!


I fell in love with the vintage effect of these pumps, I’m not big on logos but this logo was so pretty to pass up. I cant wait to wear them with a lot of my Victorian inspired pieces.


Where’d my heels go? I scooped these up really quick when I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me from afar. Not crazy about the velvet but they look so cute on!


When I think of D&G I immediately think of their signature leopard prints. While looking for a pair of plaid pants I’ve been craving for, I found a pair of leopard pants with patent leather piping..I died when I tried them on..I’m going to wear these to shreds!


“I dreamed I had the world on a string”. I bought this simple tee because of the message and because the pin-up girl reminded me of myself. I’ve already worn it twice, can you tell I love it? Oh and check me out sporting my “hello Kitty” band-aid.


I LOVE the signature D&G corset wiggle dresses, If I could afford them in every color forgetaboutit!. Thankfully I have 2:)..I have been eyeing this one for months, thanks to a sample sale I was able to buy this along with other things for a lot less than I would have gotten it at the shop on an impulse buy.


Karen Millen also makes amazing dresses, It’s actually my second favorite dress shop; Betsey being the first. I love that they have a matching bag and pair of shoes to every dress. I try really hard to bypass the store when ever I go out for lunch, but damn something always pulls me in. Maybe it was the massive orange sale sign?…whatever it was, I don’t regret it, I love it all!

This one caught my eye from outside the store, because like a cat, I like shiny sparkly things. This dress is AMAZING, I cannot wait to wear it. It has a corset feel to it that I love, and the jewels on the arms reflect light like nothing I have ever seen.


These are the matching shoes that I will probably also wear with the D&G corset dress pretty.


This dress reminded me of Barbie the minute I saw it, I tried it on for fun and ended up leaving with it. I couldn’t help it, I immediately thought of Bill Blass.

Vintage Barbie1DSC01545DSC01547

That’s it for now! click here If you want to see some more of Karen Millen and D&G .


4 Comments on “Summer goodies..

  1. Ahhh the stripe dress is Soo Hott exactly what i pictured when u described it to me!!

  2. OK seriously where did you go shopping at, i love alllllll these pieces.
    one day you will have to take me.
    i adore the blue dresss, yummy
    = ]

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