Vintage Finds: Mode Merr!

Every girl has to own at least 1 pencil skirt, or in my case more than two hand full thanks to Mode Merr. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t crazy about the printed skirts until I actually tried them on, and I have to say, if you have been looking for the perfect pencil skirt regular, or high-waisted, Mode Merr is the place to find it. I also love the dresses, talk about curve hugging! Mode Merr also has amazing prices for every fugal pin-up girl out there!

This dress comes with a matching bolero, I feel like Harriet the spy in this number.



This zebra one is fun with some red pumps.


How awesome is this skirt with my Zombie pumps?


Cant wait to wear this one with my leather jacket:)


This is a cool satin one I could pair with a few of my fancy blazers.


for more Mode Merr go to


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