Patricia field Yacht Pride Party!


So I was fortunate to model for My friend Stephanie’s new clothing line “Sex Trash” x PF, I was thrilled when she asked me to model. I was even more thrilled when I went to her house for the fitting and presented me a bustier with metal studs all over it. It was SO my style, everything about it was awesome. Her whole clothing line was amazing.


My friend Jessica and Tiffany were models in the show too, It was great to see familiar faces walking down the runway with me. Jess and Tiffany did such an amazing job modeling, they looked AMAZING for the fashion show. I ❤ them.


First I was off to The Patricia Field’s store to get my hair done (I did my own makeup), and then after the models were done with hair and makeup we had individual photo shoots with Travis Joseph, in and around the store. Flame and Jay from the “Hello Beautiful” salon in the shop were so good at doing hair, I stared in amazement. Honestly I think Jay had his hands full with my hair, but he worked it!.. They were so friendly and so outgoing, I fell in love with them.


The models (and camera guy Will) were so sweet, we all got along as if we knew each other for years. All of the models looked like rock and roll dolls, It was awesome. After the photo shoots we were off to the yacht early, so we can rehearse for the fashion show. The weather was a downer but not for long, it eventually cleared up to the most beautiful sky I have ever seen. After rehearsal we welcomed people boarding the boat. It was the most colorful beautiful party I had ever been too, the glitter, the colors, the characters, the makeup, all of it was awesome. It was definitely a party to remember, and I will definitely attend next year. I enjoyed the whole day, everyone was so nice and so much fun. <3!


Photo’s from the Travis Joseph photo shoot coming soon!


5 Comments on “Patricia field Yacht Pride Party!

  1. ugh i’m kicking myself for missing this!!! You look amazing!! I wish every party was like a pat field party!

  2. Had so much fun at this event. It was a beautiful night “not to mention the clouds in the sky were an amazing cotton candy pink”. Looks like the sky is on fire in the 3rd to last picture. Made that picture of you and Astor look great. Nice fashion show too….all the models were amazing. We must do this again next year.

  3. You look gorgeous! Can you tell me what lipstick girly in the silver sequin leggings is wearing? I need it!

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