V.V x DM on Bettiepagemovie.com!


Mark Mori, the Director of the new and upcoming film “Bettie Page Reveals All” and other amazing films like Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann & Building Bombs, contacted me through twitter expressing interest in featuring the “Bettie Page Tribute” party for the Bettiepagemovie.com website. Karen (the C.O of the Dangerous Mathematicians shop) and I, were thrilled to know that we would meet the director of this amazing future film. Everyone knows I love Bettie Page and I’m very much influenced by her struggle and sex appeal. Karen; like Bettie Page, used to be a teacher when she decided to open up a lingerie/corsetry shop for women. I didn’t even know Bettie Page was a teacher, but I guess it was because it was very short-lived. I specifically wore a Bettie Page dress to the event because I wanted people to know how amazing the clothing line is, and directed them to stores in the area that sold them, and the website itself. This party was a complete success from start to finish and I was so happy with the outcome. I was also very happy to have featured my artwork of Bettie, finally an event my work belonged in.

If you rsvp’d for the event you got to take pictures in the photo studio section of the store, reenacting Bettie Page and having fun with the Corset Belts Karen made. We all had so much fun goofing around back there.


The Bettie Page team asked me to do a short interview on how I feel Bettie Page has influenced me and many girls in the world. . I was so nervous because I’m not used to being recorded or interviewed on video, it was definitely an interesting experience, but after a while the BP team made me feel so comfortable, I wasn’t nervous anymore. It’s so funny because the photographer caught me laughing in one of the pics that they posted lol, but hey you can’t look good in every picture right? lol. I was just glad that I had the privilege of connecting with Mark and his crew. As a result of working with Mark Mori I was ecstatic when he called me this morning to tell me I was featured on the website. Thank you so much Mark Mori and your amazing team for showing Karen & I so much love and support.

Picture 2Picture 3Picture 2Picture 4

To see friends and I on the Bettie Page Movie website, click here.


5 Comments on “V.V x DM on Bettiepagemovie.com!

  1. Hey read the article! Congrats Jasmin! great pix as always! 🙂

  2. Amazing pics! I can’t wait for the movie. Hope it’s as interesting as I expect it to be.

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