Rumblers Car Show at Coney Island!

Yesterday I left work early to go to the Coney Island Rumblers car show, It was a great surprise to see my friend Berlin and connect with tons of different photographers. We only went to see the cars and it turned into a nonstop photo shoot, hey, when the cameras on, you always have to be ready, and we took on the challenge. Word on the street is that we might just be in the upcoming issues of Hot Rod magazine. Cross your fingers baby.

[photos by: David Monroe]

I will be showcasing other photos from different photographers when i get them.



7 Comments on “Rumblers Car Show at Coney Island!

  1. Yo this joint is SICK! rite here!! love the pix. the cars, ya outfit n hair is on point!!

    Nice! [~_*]

  2. love the pics Jazzy! And i know your gonna make the magazine! 🙂
    Love the car with the BROOKLYN license plate!

  3. Hah,, I love the personality you’re showing through the flicks. Make them POP.

  4. I’m glad you got to attend this! Great pix lady!!! You n the zombie shoes! *to die*!!!!

  5. smokin’ pix…both of ya chicas look great and despite the period-correct look on both of yas, i like the contrast between bella’s very sexy and feminine polka dot number and your street tough but just as hot ‘leather look’…kudos to the photog for a well done job [hehe, one can actually see him snappin’ away reflected in the windshield and bella’s pretty face in the rearview mirror of the “lil’ devil”]; kewl pic….

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