Love Jones at the Hardrock hotel!


While I was In Vegas my friend Bernie was doing a signing at Love Jones, a new lingerie store inspired by vintage and rock & roll. I mean, what better combination than that?!!! I live for vintage and R&R!. Anyway, I went to visit her being that the hard rock wasn’t too far from the hotel plus I ADORE her, honestly she’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. Bernie has been so supportive and such a good friend to me since we met in San Diego last year. Bernie Dexter is hands down, thee most popular pin-up model today. Not only is she a great model but she inspires girls all over the world with her effortless charm. Bernie is now collaborating with Lucy B lingerie, and I have to tell you, I work at a lingerie shop but these pieces were AMAZING. If your ever in the LV area, visit the hard rock hotel and pass by Love Jones.

dsc01022Crystal and I fooling around at the shop.
dsc01026Crystal is a princess and if you think otherwise, she will KILL you.

Fabulous Bernie and I, which reminds me I need to buy that robe to go with my set!


Bumped into Tatyana from Bettie Page and had to take a last-minute pic.

dsc01034here’s what I got. I don’t remember the costs but I spent about $200 all together.

O sailor!

dsc01157Grrr leopard.

4 Comments on “Love Jones at the Hardrock hotel!

  1. i’ve got 3 words for Love Jones
    i’m going to vegas in a few months so it’s going to be…goodbye old lingerie….hellooo lovah. =)

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