Chainsaws & Jelly!

cj-logo-1This has been a really amazing week. Sheena She, writer of “Chainsaws & Jelly” posted me up on her site as “Creepy” girl of the month (not literally creepy lol). Every month she picks one girl that stands out from the norm and writes a paragraph about what she likes about them. Thank you Sheena for enjoying my blogs, believing in me, and having one of the most interesting blogs Ive ever read.

To see the story Click here.


5 Comments on “Chainsaws & Jelly!

  1. YAY!!!!!!! im s000000000000000 proud of ya 😉
    keep positive the w0rld around u embraces u…mwaa
    ❤ ya =)

  2. Aww thank you sweetie!!!!
    Keep doing your thing!!
    Like I said, we need more inspirational women out in the world!

  3. What a cool little feature! You rock girl. Now get out there and rock the world in Vegas!!!! xoxo

  4. hey i responded to your email. =)
    check out my new blog entry, its for all those creative folks out there. whatever you’re medium may be: film, design, music, dance, art, or an aspiring writer. listen to elizabeth gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love” speak about nurturing creativity. i was absolutely moved and hope you are too–it is beyond inspiring


    p.s “Olé” to you vintagevandal…you’ll get it after you watch it =)

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