KIDROBOT/GRAFFITILT summer look book.


Ok, so I’ve been talking about this Kid Robot shoot for forever now. I guess it’s because it was a new experience for me, It was awesome, and I was proud of the results..I also made an amazing friend along the way. I didn’t think It was going to be such a big turn out as it was, I’m in the catalogue, the website, and in the front window of the NY store. Tilt is so talented, he used what he called a “crappy” camera, but that camera and his amazing imagination along with my styling, worked wonders for this shoot. Here is an Official look at the Spring/summer KR men and women’s line. I had posted the pictures up way too early before, so all of the comments that were left remained here, nothing was lost. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone for your support!


11 Comments on “KIDROBOT/GRAFFITILT summer look book.

  1. Cool pix….
    But what’s the deal with women stick’n their middle fingers in pix…its nasty!

  2. Oh wow! I like, I mean, I LOVE! Good job hustler, keep grinding, you are definitely going for the stars and everyday you are getting closer!

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  4. fun new pictures.. i dig the unexpected elements used in all the shots. i wonder what the inspiration was..still, good stuff!

  5. WOW. Wow. Kid Robot is killing it with their clothing, but you did such a great job in this shoot.! Kitten-ish in a t shirt….gotta love it.

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