Alice in Wonderland by: Dorado.


“Care for tea?”

Randy Dorado is an up and coming digital artist/photographer. He recently got in touch with me to do a reenactment of Alice in wonderland, in lingerie of course. I decided to do it considering its my favorite childhood book and movie. This picture is quite raunchy, not anything I’m used to doing, but I’m going to be a stage kitten starting in may, and with that experience, become a burlesque performer. So tassel’s will be nothing out of the ordinary, I just have to get used to it. As far as being bare, this is as far as I go.

Dorado like other photographers I’ve worked with recently, they all have a huge imagination and enjoy thinking out of the box for photo shoots. I enjoy working with creative people who can combine their talents with mine. I also love being able to get into character and create wardrobes for these fun shoots.

I did Alice, the mad hatter, and the queen of hearts..for more pictures, check out my Myspace page.


8 Comments on “Alice in Wonderland by: Dorado.

  1. cool image.. not sure if I like the white panties, but other than that, the colours are cool. nice use of texture etc.

    • Stripping is getting completely naked. Burlesque would be stripping down to your pasties and your panties/thong..In my case, I would be stripping down to pasties and briefs…We are stripping off our clothes..but we arent completely topless or completely naked gliding on poles..Its more artful with glamorous costumes honoring the 1920’s to the 1950’s.. Its even more animated because you have to think up skits and get into character.

  2. burlesque is more of a playful erotic dance where you play with characters, props, and backdrops. theatrical teasing, if you will..haha. alot of people see dita von teese strip down to being topless without the pasties and confuse it with stripping. shes just a modern day bettie page who was definitely never looked upon as just a stripper. hopefully, when you go out there vintagevandal you make your mark and let everyone see more then “the lips, hips, and tits” just as bettie did. =) good luck and great new photos!


  3. That’s kool.. So why not get into acting or theater as oppose to taking off your clothes for men? No offense but its basically “erotic dancing” (since its for mens pleasure) You’ll be getting paid to “strip” down to practically nothing, no tips from your audience obviously.
    Sorry I have an opinion on this.. I just think your such a cool chick and it would be great to see you do something positive and uplifting with your talents. Keep up the great writing VV 🙂

  4. It is Positive and Uplifting to many, I’m sure. Most importantly, to VintageVandalism since this is what SHE wants to do. I don’t believe “tips” or “pleasuring men” are the motivating factors in this case. She has already posed in Lingerie on this blog and is obviously comfortable. Don’t you, the reader, get pleasure from looking? Don’t you feel positive and uplifted? 😉

  5. For me? Not at all.. For her male readers? Yes I am sure they do feel uplifted and positive. At the end of the day what she does is her choice and somethin SHE has to live with.. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if it is posted for the public 2 see and read then the public has a rite to say how they feel or what they think.. I WASN’T a reader becuz she posts pics of herself in her underwear.. I WAS a reader becuz of how she would write honestly about her relationship experiences and her vintage fashion finds.. I just think as a young talented Hispanic woman it would be great to see her do something different.. There aren’t many women out there tryin to do things that puts us Hispanic women in a better light…
    Well, None the less best of luck vv and I hope it all goes well 4 you..:-) I will not comment on this anymore..

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