Motor City!



A friend of mine named Alex throws parties every now and then at Motor City, Its a hot spot for rock & roll and Rockabilly lovers. I always have fun when I go to Motor City..Here are some of the pics from that night. I decided to wear a Betsey Jean dress with a red glitter and white striped cardigan. I like any excuse to wear red lipstick and red pumps;)

Crystal (My right hand gal) being shy, when we all know she isn’t!


There we go!


We also stopped by to support Bethy Boots, our favorite go-go dancer who made tons of cash that night.


Katie looking pretty in pink with her razor blade earrings and her friend.


Crystal and Blaine, he makes Crystal want a purple mo-hawk.


Katie and Kimmy sassing it up.

dsc00670dsc00673dsc00661Good times, good times~!

More pics coming soon.

One Comment on “Motor City!

  1. Lol,, why are you so fly???
    Your style absolutely kills it. Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

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