Le Cercle Rouge


Yesterday night after work the girls and I headed to a very classy restaurant called Le Cercle Rouge. LCR effortlessly supports the 1920’s-1940’s from their live jazz bands to their sultry burlesque performances. We all felt like we went through a time warp some how and ended up in the 20’s. Everyone who likes fine dining, jazz, and burlesque at its best, should definitely check out Cercle Rouge. I connected with so many amazing people here (thanks to Scarlet, I love her), and finally found a place where I could dress up and take it back.


Burlesque bombshell Scarlet Sinclair and Maya the Revolutionary. Thats Sarah with the champagne glass in the back, It was her first performance that night.

dsc00678dsc00679dsc00680Me and Mira Tabahotness.


Burlesque queen Bunny


Amazing tap dancing sisters.


Michael working his magic with the band.


Chocolat-blanc doing her thing!

dsc00701dsc00684More pics coming soon.

4 Comments on “Le Cercle Rouge

  1. Oh what a lovely evening! The company, the food, the wine, the live jazz and dancin’ girlies – PERFECTION!!! We must make this a monthly ladies outing 🙂

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