Bachelor Pad Magazine needs your help.


Java’s Bachelor Pad has been a supporter of aspiring pin up models for years. This magazine is far too special, to not be in production. We have to keep the Pin up culture alive. Hopefully by our posts on myspace and other various websites, we can get more people to subscribe to keep the magazine going.

From Java’s Bachelor Pad~~~~~

[In regards to Myspace] Back in October, we had around 3,100 MySpace friends. Now, we’re closing in on 4,000 friends! We are happy to have so many fans, but only one in ten of you are actually subscribers.

You might not know this, but subscribers cover 50% of our costs. So, if people stop subscribing, we won’t have the money to keep printing. We know the economy sucks right now, but for the cost of two martinis, you can have a full year of Bachelor Pad Magazine.
Isn’t it worth $16 to have four issues packed full of atomic age goodness?

In issue 7, we were able to give you more pages–48 instead of the regular 44. Now, if you want more Bachelor Pad fun, we need your help. Please repost this and tell all your friends to support Bachelor Pad Magazine.

It actually won’t take much to put us on solid ground. A few gift subscriptions, regular renewals, and a few orders of the Back-Issue Bundle.
(In fact, if we sold 20 bundles, we would be set!)

If you value Bachelor Pad Magazine, support it! Go to the Bachelor Pad Magazine website: www. bachelorpadmagazineonline. com right now and click the “Subscribe Now” button. (This is all being done via PayPal, so you will be directed to their checkout page.
) Help keep this printed cocktail party going strong!

Thank you!


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