Vintage Finds: Fort Lauderdale

img_0264I took a trip to Florida for relaxation time with family, and who knew that around every corner was a thrift/vintage store. How could anyone relax when there are so many thrift stores near by?..

A girl can never have too many shoes.

In the past, I used to buy many vintage shoes that weren’t in the best condition. I used to try to restore them by taking them to the shoe maker, but lets face it..old shoes don’t last. Now I avoid the shoes that need work, and I try to go for hardly worn vintage shoes.

All of these shoes costed me under $10.


Pom Poms from AP go for $295..I bought these Bebe shoes for $20


I found 2 pairs of Lucite shoes and a bag that had Lucite handles.


dsc00626I love vintage jewels, these earrings are about as big as a silver dollar. Pretty awesome at $3

It’s hard to find vintage glasses that aren’t prescribed, thank god I found these.

dsc00625Look at how my little cousin rocks them:)

dsc00595Teal suede vintage 80’s dress. One thing I love about the 80’s is that many women still captured the essence of the 50’s by having dresses be tightly cinched at the waist.

I bought this dress because it hugs me:)


This dress has millions of tiny studs, the back is stunning.


O’ Sailor! I love this skirt. It’s not vintage, It’s actually from Talbots. Who knew?

dsc00639dsc00638Till next time.:)


4 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Fort Lauderdale

  1. i don’t normally like full on polka dots but i do like the black dress. the bebe shoes are fun. yes, florida has the best thrift spots. my cousin is from west palm beach and she has always told me about the good finds, all the rich people in the neighborhood drop off their old stuff. i like your new, new page, =)


  2. backless dresses are the best kind of dresses in my opinion. you have amazing taste!

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