Evil accessories.

I have a spike fetish or something, for forever Ive always been ADDICTED to anything with spikes on it.

gfffg(Manslaughter by MISHKA 08′. My girl Valissa Yoe designed the dress.. sold at LOVEBRIGADE)

Check out these gloves I just bought from Patricia Fields.

dsc00431dsc004321I received this amazing ring for Xmas from my friend Soraya. I love it!


I wish I could afford getting these amazing Rodarte shoes..

bqcdaaaaawodanbnaaaabc5vdxqkfmd0rhbnegwwm1jhbetzmm9pofyzweeaaaacawqkawuaaaaec2l6zq……but I cant…

until then….Here’s what Ive got.

Some of my Avant Garde Collection-

My man Killers.









dsc00441Some need a cleaning..I’ve decided I’m going to sell all of my shoes for one pair of Rodarte shoes.:)

sike. one day jaz..one day.


6 Comments on “Evil accessories.

  1. love the new layout
    christian siriano is designing for payless come fall 2009 and they have spikes. seen a preview of it, looks pretty good


  2. I came home with a studded bracelet when i was a kid, and my dad forbade it. Then my fascination with spikes was born. I’ve got atleaast 6 very pointy bracelets, and my dad probably regrets the stud ban..

  3. Your so fucking sick. I love this so much. Sell me a pair PLs. I believe we have so much in common its crazy

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