V-day goodies!

This valentine’s I went to a pre-v.day party at Dangerous Mathematicians, ate cupcakes with my friend J, received my FAVORITE movie from one of my FAVORITE people, danced the night away with friends, and bought myself a cute little Betsey Johnson jacket to match a dress I already owned of hers. Check it out.

This necklace is from DM, compliments of Karen P., the Creator and designer of Dangerous Mathematics. I have this necklace in gold as well from DM, but I was so excited when I went to her shop and saw the necklace in silver with matching earrings. If you want to see more of her jewelry go to Dangerousmathematicians.com.

Who doesn’t love shoes on a necklace?

dsc00365This is my favorite movie, from someone very special to me. I think I’ve watched it 4 times since then.

dsc00367This is the amazing BJ jacket I got at Buffalo Exchange a little before V.day.

dsc00370dsc00369these pictures don’t do the jacket justice, its pretty awesome.

Last but not least, here are pictures from my night out with the ladies.

I wore a red “stop staring” dress w/ my candy apple D&G shoes. I love this dress because Its comfortable and fits well.

dsc00322dsc00343dsc00327dsc00354My Valentine’s wasn’t so bad after all, thanks to all of my friends, and that very special person.


4 Comments on “V-day goodies!

  1. Okay, I just found your blog again, lol. It was your old one that was deleted 🙂 Just saw you in Nylon Mag!! Woop – congrats!

  2. Hey There,

    i love that jacket and your dress is so beautiful! I love the fact that you are so confident and comfortable in your own skin… defintely my inspiration!

    Keep doing your thing!

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