Akiko Ogawa Shiny Rain Coat

Everyone passed this coat on the rack when I saw it, no one wanted to even try it because the crystals at the bottom are so heavy, my curiosity definitely helped me hit the jackpot. This rain coat is absolutely stunning, I even did my research on Akiko Ogawa when I got home and realized I paid almost nothing for a $$$+ piece.


I have a closet FULL of Betsey Johnson dresses from working there, I know Betsey so well every time I go to consignment shops I always manage to grab something that just happens to be BJ. Today I found a hot little number, it’s a satin wiggle dress with hardware, just how I like it;). It has 2 metal buckles on each side and a corset back. Simply amazing. $65


This dress caught my eye because It reminds me of dripping paint. It’s actually flowers if you look at it from far. I love that I can wear this dress with all of my Dark Avant Gard shoes. Crystal Candy $35

dsc00272dsc00273I love Diesel, every time I find a diesel piece in vintage/consignment stores there is always something special to everything they make. This dress is houndstooth and it has pockets, pockets are always a plus with dresses. The metal nail details add a little bit of “rock and roll” to this dress. $45



Viva Chanel!

What an amazing find today at a vintage shop! I love that the Chanel logo is subtle and not so dramatic. These shoes are classic Chanel tweed with patent leather detail.



Till next week. Au revoir.


7 Comments on “Shopoholic!

  1. You always seem to make everything look more amazing than what it is. You yourself seem to amaze me with mostley everything you do.

  2. amazing pieces chica u work them effortlessly
    ur style is fantastic .
    where do u find them ?
    i would really like to know . THANKS !
    great blog .

  3. Hi there! i love your website and I think that you have fab style.Can you help me out? I would like to find some great vintage pieces, can you create a post about some stores you visit to find great pieces? I really wouldnt know where to start!

  4. i’ve been wanting to ask, which vintage/consignment stores do you go to? in the summertime, i’d like to check them out.

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