Thin is NOT in.


Can someone please tell me why people are calling Jessica Simpson fat on the covers of magazines?

All over the world, especially New york and California, girls are sticking fingers down their throats, avoiding food at all costs, and are dying from self-mutilation. I blame the media, I blame the magazines, I blame it all. I can’t tell you how many girls I have seen strutting their stuff down the Soho streets as If its soooo cool that you can see their knee bones. I don’t think weight determines whether a person is beautiful or TALENTED at that. I can’t tell you how many “not size 0” girls I know who are talented and intelligent who feel they have NO chance at all in this business because of their weight. Sadly they are right, In fact..You don’t even have to HAVE TALENT to be a star these days, you just have to be pretty and skinny. Thank god for Jennifer Hudson, Salma Hayek, and other female celebrities who embrace their curves without ever letting the media affect their self-esteem. They make it possible for young girls who idolize them, to respect their own bodies and love themselves for who they are. Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Angelina Jolie have disappointed me, I can only imagine how their body images have affected so many girls who look up to them.

Why is it that a “size 6” defines “fat”? Who said “fat” was ugly? Who said “fat” people have no talent?

Now..I love food, I couldn’t possibly think about ever letting a magazine or anything on TV affect the way I feel about my body. It’s like a bad plague, women who get tans every 2 days, plastic surgery, and starving themselves to be what they all think is the “perfect woman”. Soon we’ll all REALLY be “Barbie and Ken” dolls, just plastic people who go around with fake noses and tits as if no body knows it. Their are only a few occasions where it is necessary to get plastic surgery like accidents or other really bad situations, but if you were born a fully healthy structured don’tneed it. That’s just my opinion.

I’m really passionate about this subject, I know there are so many girls out there who need guidance, who are easily influenced by the media. I mean, I help women everyday, women in their 40’s and 50’s who don’t like their bodies at my job. I work at a lingerie store and I have to fit about 15-25 women a day into a bra. It’s amazing how they all seem to have 1 thing they complain about, insecurities that aren’t even visible, insecurities that don’t exist until they tell everyone about it.

I’m not saying I don’t have insecurities, I just don’t feed into them as much as I used to, now I just learn to accept it. This is who I am, if someone doesn’t like it, they can keep it moving. I exhausted myself with thoughts about my insecurities until one day I said “fuck this, I’m not going to stress it anymore..this is my body, this is what god gave me, and this is how it will stay”. Everyone is different, but that’s what makes us beautiful. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you “your beautiful”, learn how to love yourself first so it wouldn’t need to be said.


7 Comments on “Thin is NOT in.

  1. I heard about this as well and that shit really pisses me off. What also pisses me off was what happened a while ago when Oprah was so disappointed in her drastic weight gain calling herself a cow?? What sample are they setting for the girls and boys? I can’t help but look at my little sister, trying to squeeze into a size jean that can’t fit her at all? That is the sad thing that is happening today and they must realize themselves that being skinny and a model doesn’t make you beautiful…
    Look on it this side, people that are in hollywood that are so skinny are probably not happy with themselves. They actually going to have a episode in mtv the city that will be pretty interesting about models.
    Good for you Jasmin. I’m glad you wrote about this.

  2. its not that she’s fat at all.. that outft just doesn’t look good!
    its not good to be super unhealthy weather you mad fat or dumb skinny. women should come in all sizes, but the healthy and happiness in any women’s life should be most prevalent. Women need to stop complaining about themselves so much, and realize they have the power to change themselves, if that’s what they want. We women put so much effort into looking gawgeous but a real man only can love a real woman! and a real women wouldnt settle 4 anything less than a real man. even if he disguised as a model or sex machine or millionaire a real women can look passed all that and see if he a real man or not or a fuckin asshole womanizer to the 5th power. and vice versa with men.

    and there is nothing i love more than food.. lol, but when I look down at myself and see my belly jiggle its nobody else’s fault but mine that I can’t walk up a flght of stairs without getting winded, not the media… not anybody.

  3. what I mean.. is that I look at you Jas, and I see someone who makes the concious decision every single day to be beautiful, which is super duper hard.. which makes you so admirable, there are a lot of women who just don;t have that inspiration in the morning to do ther me… but then I can’t get mad or jealous at a girl who looks awesome cuz she;s decked out and glowing cuz when I had the chance to work out, and get fancy and prtttied up I didn’t. but that can relate to anything…

  4. That was very well said, darling. There are people staving in other countrues and here in America there are numerous extremly obese people. There are juxtopositions all over the world and here we are focusing on a star who made a bad outfit decision. The way the media portrays celebritys is disgusting. There are so many more important issues to think about and spend our time supporting. I do agree with jade, that outfit was a wrong choice, but we all make mistakes and thats part of being human. I think Jessica makes awesome shoes, that are comfy and hot. Lets focus on the posative, shall we. 😉

  5. Yeah I really dont understand it myself. I dont think her outfit is very flattering,lol, but there is no way in hell I would ever call her chunky, fat etc.

    I myself have always had an issue with food and my weight. And it really pisses me off how people(esp. men) pre-judge women based solely on their bodies.ex. Men always seem to chose an alright, thin woman over a very pretty, bigger woman.
    I appreciate your outlook on weight. It is nice to see someone who doesnt judge who a person is based on their size.

    ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD I hate how doe-doe’s in the media call people like Fergie “curvy”. Im like just because she has on a freakin push-up bra today doesnt mean she is “curvy”. lol

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