Get shredded.

These are just some of my recent buys.

This is a jacket I found at a boutique in Brooklyn. It reminds me of shredded paper. This with some white trousers should be pretty holy. $45


Speaking of trousers, check out these Fendi trousers I got for $19!



These are Vintage Australian ski pants, they have stir ups at the bottom. I fell in love with the fit and how warm they were, I’m going to wear them like they are simple trousers. $19


These are some patent leather spectators my mom bought me for christmas, She did a good job. $20


This is a diesel shirt I found, It’s a western inspired button down that will look awesome with some frayed jeans and brown cowboy boots. $15



3 Comments on “Get shredded.

  1. no fair. I went to S.Army today (50% off wednesdays) nothing fit my boobs. I feel fat every time…lol. but i did get some stuff, nothing too crazy… but I spent like $6.58 on five pieces.. not bad right? I end up buying sht just cuz its 50 off ya know? some of it doesnt fit… i know you would find some stuff down here though! That diesel top is fire!

  2. yeah, vintage shopping is not fun for people who aren’t your size. lol the bigger items are always too matronly. good thing I can make a potato sack sassy. 🙂 i am in love with those green trousers and that paper mache jacket!

  3. A friend of mine told me about your site and I must tell you that I love you style and I love your blog. So real and defintely a educated consumer you are! I love the fact that you find these fab pieces in the weird places. Can you help this vingtage impaired soul and share with me and us, if Im not alone out there, some place I can go to in NYC to find some things?

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