My new Business Card!

So its 3:54 in the morning..and I can’t sleep because I can’t stop coughing..Tylenol multi-symptom is helping but it isn’t helping me fall asleep. I haven’t had a full nights sleep since last Saturday when I was healthy and functional. I have the flu or something, whatever it is, I want it to go far away and never find its way back to my immune system. On a lighter note, I guess I’ll blog about some new things I have going on.

I just recently designed and created my business cards.. After heavy procrastination I can finally say they are done and I love them. Glossy finish, my favorite gal Bettie, and my painting is on the back along with a list of things that I do, ya know…Artist, Stylist, model, writer.



One Comment on “My new Business Card!

  1. would you be interested in designing cards for me? oh it’s danielle from jade’s poetry group. i also ran into you at your job at that event. hope you remember me lol

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