A gift from my great friend Graffi-Tilt!


For a week and a half now, after heavy evaluation of my life, I cut the grass found the snakes, and basically said goodbye to every thing and everyone who brought me down in the past few months. With a little hope and a little luck I reached a state of contentment.

My days are brighter, my smiles are bigger, and progression is rapidly rising. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you focus on the more important things in life. It’s amazing how much happier you become when you cut ties with people who are only around to bring you down with them. Lately luck has been my best friend, resentment is a thing of the past, and my future is looking brighter each and everyday I get something accomplished. I need to be around positive people, and slowly but surely my surroundings are just getting better.

So today I had a photo shoot with a world-renowned Graffiti artist named Tilt. I actually had 2 shoots with him, 1 for kid robot whom he is sponsored by, and one for his new book (fully clothed of course, considering most of his bubble girls are nakey). Tilt is also sponsored by Adidas, he does amazing graffiti with a hint of fetishism. He’s not only an amazing artist but an amazing friend, we met while I was getting lunch at cafe duke. What sets Tilt apart from other graffiti artists is that he paints on women like paper, does a photo shoot, and then paints a big piece of her name somewhere in that vicinity. That alone makes a girl feel special. Then after the shoot he asks them what’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you and whats your biggest fantasy, you don’t have to state your name but you do have to tell your thoughts. After you write it down, he puts it in this box of thoughts, and he takes them and paints them some where in the world. It’s almost like story telling even when you are not in that present area, people can still read your thoughts. That type of artistic mind frame amazes me, I think his passion for art will take him very far in life. A lot of the girls he shoots are all half-naked but it’s really up to them to make that decision, clearly he’s not even into naked women but more into the shoes they wear and how they present themselves. I felt so comfortable doing the shoot, I wasn’t naked of course, I wore an AP lingerie set with a Hood, and a tank and shorts for another session of the photo shoot. It was awesome, he made sure I was comfortable, I pretty much blew bubbles the whole time and joked with him for the whole shoot, so It was natural, It was me.

One day while I was at work he surprised me with a tee-shirt that I LOVE. I can’t express my appreciation for this package he dropped off at my job a week ago. It was a big folder with my name on it, and inside wrapped in hot pink paper was a book and a shirt he designed.



2 Comments on “A gift from my great friend Graffi-Tilt!

  1. thats fuckking awesome… i couldnt be anymore jealous right now….. thats SOOO GREAT!!!!

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