Birthday Fashion.

Now everyone knows I’m a daredevil when it comes to fashion, ESPECIALLY on my birthday..

Remember this outfit from 2007?


God I love this dress..I got tons of emails asking where I got it from, well I got it from Salvation army. I love that I can always find original pieces there.  That’s why I get most of my stuff from Salvation army, Vintage pieces are always rare and hard to find, especially when you find your size. $12 is a bargain! [Yes I was wearing underwear underneath]


Now this birthday I kinda had the same idea. I wore an Agent Provocateur body suit with black heart pasties underneath..Classic with a twist.;)…This body suit has 6 butterflies, 2 on he nips, 1 on the rear, 1 on your lower pelvic bone, and 2 per sleeve. Its pretty awesome. I was AP from head to toe, my pumps were AP as well. These pumps have a Chanel feel to them only they have a corset back, god I love that.



Here’s another outfit I wore for the next night of partying at Katra, It’s also AP. Its called Iona, It’s a body suit that’s built with a basque on the inside [like a corset], Its pretty amazing how it has a madonna, Marilyn feel to it. The breasts to the basque are very old-fashioned and have a cone shape to them.


For more on scandelous body suits visit


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