Viva Las Vegas: Day 4!

HottieRodzMediumDay 4 of my trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas was a very important one because my best friend Santiago had his very own booth at the car show. This was his first booth and we were soooo excited and nervous to see how thousands of the rockabilly community would embrace his beautiful works of art. The nervousness comes from the fact that Santiago’s work isn’t always exclusive to one culture/era, his work is a marriage of every thing that inspires him about history, fashion, art, and beauty. So a purist of rockabilly culture may not relate to the unconventional yet absolutely amazing art Santiago brings into existence. Alas, my mom and I were there to show our full support (although he didn’t need it!). This is the reason why we relate to each other so well as best friends. Though I may be absolutely in love with the rockabilly culture and be a purist in some ways or another, my style isn’t always conventionally rockabilly but a marriage of everything else that inspires me as well. Being able to mash and clash opposites, cultures, eras is an art within itself and with that said..I am so happy to say that Santiago’s art was well received (duh) and he was nearly cleared out of all his portraits. Lets not forget that this was also his FIRST debut of his new project “Hottie Rodz” where he transforms pinups into hot rods! I feel SO fortunate to be #1 of his soon to be collection and I was completely FLOORED when I saw this piece. He even gave me the Prada shoes I always wanted! People were going nuts asking if he had prints of the Hottie Rod as he debuted it on a giant canvas and there was a waiting list till now! Here is where you can buy the Hottie Rod #1 print of me. Santiago has such a huge fan base so it really was amazing to see how many people came just to meet him and have his work signed to them. It was even crazier that some of those people even came to see me and have his previous portraits signed by me as well! My mom and I were so happy for him. It was even more awesome that we were neighbored by the beautiful Lisa Love who also had a debut of her own with her gorgeous paper dolls by Nathalie Rattner and her husband Julian Mendoza who is an incredible artist. It is always nice to be surrounded by good people. Speaking of…Mom and I took a stroll around the awesome vendors and in the mix I ended up bumping into so many familiar faces! And there were also soooo many amazing cars. I swear, we didn’t see a car we didn’t like. It was an all-around great day full of so much love and awesomeness. See more inside! Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas 16: Day one!

title1I look forward to the Viva Las Vegas weekender every single YEAR. It is probably the only time I feel my happiest and in my element because I am surrounded by thousands of people who understand and appreciate my love for the rockabilly lifestyle. The convention just keeps growing with popularity each year as the awareness of the lifestyle progresses and it is always great to see some familiar and fresh faces. I love being able to shop at the vintage vendors, see girls in their glamorous vintage threads, watch people jive to great bands, and see amazing classic cars. It is so surreal to see people exuding the lifestyle so perfectly; I always come back to NY inspired.

I am so happy my Mom was able to come again this time as she wasn’t able to come last year and it just didn’t feel the same without her. She has the same appreciation I have for the culture and it inspires her as well. My bestie Santiago came too and I was so excited to help him with his booth at the car show where he was able to showcase his beautiful artwork to thousands of people. But before I get to all of that, my mom and I arrived in Vegas a little early to spend some time with my West Coast familia. We missed them so much so we savored every second we had with them since we don’t always have the chance to fly out to California. Our first stop was my favorite spot, BUFFALO EXCHANGE. I am absolutely in love with every single Buffalo Exchange I have ever been to. I always find something! Every time I go to Viva I visit BE at least 3-4 times as they have a steady rotation of new stuff on a constant. After my jackpot, we were off to go see the Pawn Stars shop. My mom and I love that show so we wanted to see it all for ourselves. To our surprise it was extremely disappointing. The entire shop was B-O-R-I-N-G and nothing like they portray it in the show. The inventory was wacksauce and the store was more like a gift shop for Pawn Star merchandise with cups and t-shirts that say “I love chum lee”. It was definitely a bummer but we quickly left and were off to Freemont where I fell in love with all of the neon signage and got to see a light show featuring one of my favorite rock bands, Heart. We walked around till sundown and by that time, my bestie Santiago was flying in so we met up with him and enjoyed an awesome late night dinner at In-N-Out Burger. Not bad for my first day in Vegas if ya ask me! Continue reading

Holy Cat Eyes!


While browsing through the Sunglasses shop, I came across these fiery Prada cat eye sunglasses I would love to wear come Viva. Prada has really grown on me throughout the years with its 50s and 60s inspired collections of apparel and accessories and I love how they take mesh the past and the present to create such amazing pieces like this one. The hazy brown lenses and the fire stone frames make for one hot pair of sunglasses and I am burning up with desire! These come in two color-ways but this one is my favorite. Head on over to the Sunglasses Shop to see more <3


What I wore today: 05.12.12

I know it’s been a while since I have done a WIWT post but don’t fret, I have just been super busy and swamped with work and life that I haven’t had much time to document anything. However, the other day I spent time with my family in Astoria and snapped enough shots for an outfit post. After hearing about the Betsey Johnson downfall, I was inspired and just had to drench myself in her designs. This is one of her tattoo printed dresses I have had sitting in my closet itching for spring to come so I could wear it. Finally I did and paired it with my favorite Betsey Babe cardigan and vintage head scarf. I went with simple black pumps as my dress was already quite busy and my Prada glasses that matched my scarf and sweater perfectly! This is definitely one of my favorite outfits I have worn this year. I can’t wait to utilize my other Betsey dresses I haven’t worn!Turquois is the sister of teal. Teal is my favorite color. I love them both. The end.I love how my Betsey Babe cardigan brings out the colors in my dress!I literally have this cardigan in like every color imaginable. I love it that much. It goes so perfectly with my vintage scarf!I promise to do tutorials on head scarves soon as I get a break.

Long live Betsey!


Vintage Mother & daughter duo!

Last week we had a glimpse of spring, the weather felt just right and I was finally able to bust out a vintage 2pc playsuit I purchased in Vegas. It is a pastel green gingham top and skirt that was on sale the last day of vlv so I had to have it and was glad I even found it for just $32! I was even lucky that it was perfectly my size! Being the impatient person I am, I grabbed it and through it on with my new Prada SS 2012 shades I acquired just a few weeks ago. It was my first time busting out these bad girls (Prada shades) too and I was so stoked. They didn’t necessarily go with my outfit but I didn’t care and wore them till the sun went down, that’s when I changed to my silver cat-eye glasses that actually complimented my outfit better. I kept my accessories light with a vintage bag, some thrifted pumps, an H&M bracelet, and my vintage clip on earrings and went off to meet my mother in the city. Ironically when I met her she too was in vintage and was wearing a vintage 2pc dress and cardigan she acquired at the Manhattan Vintage show with me a few months ago. I actually found her this dress and was so happy it fit and that she liked it too. We all know how hard vintage can be when it comes to finding the right size and waist. She looked amazing in her dress and it happened to be shades of green as well. She wore her dress with black kitten heels and a black purse. Nice and simple. We were quite the vintage duo. Like mother like daughter! Check out more inside! Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 1&2!

Every year around Easter time I head to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention at the Orleans hotel. It is something I look forward to every year because it is a convention that brings together people from all over the world who love and live the rockabilly culture into one place. I think this is my 4th time attending and I plan to do it annually because not much of a culture exists here in New York. I feel like every time I go I recharge my batteries and come back inspired. This time I was attending with my best friend Derek, his bella/my gal pal Enchante, and my friend/hair guru Josephine Love. I even got to see my aunt and uncle from LA for two days. I was bummed my mother couldn’t come this time and missed her terribly but it was at least fortunate that my friends and family from LA could make it. I had a wonderful time with them and was glad they got to experience the pinups, the greasers, the burly queens, the classic cars, and the vintage of Viva Las Vegas.

As expected this trip was a whirlwind of events and outfit changes that left me and the crew in bed before 12am every night. We would literally get up at 7am every morning because of the time difference and end our days at 10/11pm every night. However, because we crammed everything we wanted to do in the little time we spent there, we were able to see and experience everything. I was just trying to balance my time with my friends and my family along with a few things I was already booked for like my shoot with Stop Staring and Edson Carlos. Sadly I didn’t make my shoot with Edson because of how busy my schedule became but am glad he is a friend of mine so I can shoot with him the next time I see him. The beginning of my trip was just the pre-game of what was to come. I spent day 1 at the Luxor alone because Derek and Enchy’s had a later flight so I did my own exploring on the Vegas strip and headed to Buffalo Exchange. I was delighted to see them that night and spent the next day experiencing the Luxor’s Oasis pool before we were off to Buffalo Exchange again to do some pre-shopping before VLV. That was just our morning…..

See more photos and more details inside. Continue reading


Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is just tugging at my heart-strings. The entire collection is inspired by mid-century fashion and I am absolutely in LOVE. I mean, my attraction to this collection is a no brainer since I follow the rockabilly culture religiously. I am just glad Prada did a great job exuding the aesthetic of an era I love. I am going to do everything in my power to have some of these pieces in my collection of vintage and vintage-inspired threads! I am so impressed and excited for Spring/Summer! Bravo Prada, Bravo!