Jas-Nylon-5 SMAs a comic lover, collector, and once illustrator..I love anything with a comic print. I am completely biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Just recently, Forever21 released a Marvel collection that I fell absolutely in love with and I nearly bought everything. My favorite pieces is the Spiderman Crop top and comic legend leggings. I wore them both together just the other day for a fun evening visiting downtown with friends. It was a coincidence that my mother gifted me an awesome comic stripped bow while I was in NY last week that looked perfect with my ensemble even though it was Batman. Back to Forever21, I also bought the Marvel body suit but this outfit is a little easier to wear out haha. Anyway, even though I wore a Batman Bow, Spiderman top, and comic leggings, everything matched together seamlessly. I even got to wear my new Love Cortnie “POW” Clutch from the NYLON Magazine shop (they have the cutest stuff!) I have been dying to wear since I received it last week! Cortnie creates fabulous clutches that appeal to all types of fashionistas regardless of their style preference. This bright yellow leather comic themed clutch literally screamed my name and tied my outfit together effortlessly. I am so in love with it so you can expect to see it on my blog at least 100 times this year. The inside lining is even a comic strip! Wearing this many prints can easily be overkill without the right accessories but I am pretty brave and pretty good at adding subtle elements to my outfits to avoid looking crazy haha. The only subtleties of this outfit was my black Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps, and my purple Karen Millen Leather jacket. Don’t know how I made this work but I did and my awesome/talented photographer friend, Daniel Rodriguez, was able to capture it all! Who knew an evening to the arts district would turn into a full on photo shoot?! Glad it did because you get to see all of the vibrant colors of my outfit! See more photos inside. Continue reading

Polaroid does it again!

DSC_1235DSC_0440I recently wrote a post about Polaroid sunglasses and how they recently released a collection of their most popular frames throughout history. As I mentioned before, Polaroid is not just a camera company, they have been creating sunglasses since the late 30′s and recently re-released their most popular styles they have produced throughout history. Of course my favorite era’s were the 50s and 60s so Polaroid tugged on my heart-strings when they re-released their cat-eye glasses and I knew just where to find them too, the Sunglasses shop! I usually go there to find whatever frames I am looking for as they usually have a wide range of styles from lots of different designers and they always have great promotions as well that help keep my pockets happy. I have been dying to get my hands on these cat eye sunglasses since I visited the Polaroid booth a year ago at a fashion show and I am so happy I finally found them. Now I have both of the cat eye glasses Polaroid created! These are a flamingo pink color with a neon shade of yellow on the insides. I love the little metal diamond shapes on the tips and the vintage Polaroid logo on the lens. I am absolutely obsessed with them and recently wore them to Comicon channeling my inner Barbie (and we all know I LOVE Barbie). Everyone loved them and asked me where I had gotten them from. I can’t wait to see what else Polaroid has in store in the future and am so happy that they created this historical collection that mirrors what they created in the past. These bad girls are coming with me to Miami’s Art Basel next week and I can’t wait to sport them some more!

Comicon 2012!

I have had my hands full with work within the past few weeks, so I almost didn’t even make it to Comicon this year. Low and behold, I still found a way and attended this massive event with my beau. I only spent a little over 2 hours there before I was off to work but I had such a blast. I’ve been a gamer and comic collector since I was a kid and it has yet to rub off. I wish I could have dressed up but I didn’t have time to commit to a costume so I went in a very cool Warhol inspired Marilyn Monroe get-up by Betsey Johnson. I couldn’t even concentrate while I was there, enamored by all of the booths full of my favorite video game and comic book characters. This convention gets bigger and bigger every year so the only thing I really had an issue with was how PACKED it was to the point that it was hard to even walk at times. I still managed to get around and found lots of great goodies I got to take home with me. I found an awesome vintage comic from the 50′s, 3 big giant authentic vintage posters, and an autographed pinup calendar page. I took endless photos of my favorite comic girls like Vampirella, Wonder Woman, Veronica from Archie Comics, and more. I was sad I didn’t get to see any Fathom, Soul Fire, or Witchblade booths but I can see them next year. Here are some photos of everything that caught my attention at this amazing convention. Continue reading

Polaroid Sunglasses!

When most people hear the word “Polaroid” they think of those instant cameras from the 70′s, but what most of them don’t know is that Polaroid has been creating polarized and highly fashionable eyewear since the late 30′s. Yup, sunglasses, and they started at 1937 to be exact. Many eyewear collectors from all over the world were probably bummed that Polaroids beautiful vintage collection was deadstock until now. Polaroid just released their “Best under the sun” collection of eyewear that features all of their late greats from the 30′s into the 80′s. So you know I had to get my hands on these 1950′s Broadway black cat-eye sunnies from the Sunglasses Shop. I collect vintage cat-eye glasses but I sometimes like to dabble into new eyewear just because it takes more work to restore some old frames. These are amazing and nostalgic enough to trick me into believing they are vintage anyway. I definitely don’t own any like these, I love the white contrast details on the wings of the glasses and the vintage logo on the lenses. Even the case is authentic to the old designs of the 1950s. I also love that they create REAL sunglasses that really protect your eyes from the sun. Most sunglasses do the same but not to the extent of Polaroid sunnies, they completely mask the suns harsh rays. These have been my go-to glasses for sunny days since I coveted them and I am so glad I can find the rest of the collection at the Sunglasses shop. Check out more photos of these Broadway sunnies inside! Continue reading