VV x Santiago Collaboration!

And I am so excited! This is the next level of vintagevandalizm.com thanks to my collaboration with my best friend and amazing artist Santiago. I couldn’t think of a better collaboration, he knows me best and understands my vision. I gave him a photo I took from a car show I attended a few months ago, told him I needed a banner for my blog, something vintage with that touch of vandalism, and left the rest up to him. I couldn’t be happier with the turn out, I mean, a pink graffiti glazed Cadillac?! It is freaking nuts! He also created my backdrop since I was frustrated with the images I found on google and it works perfectly! Since my vision was inspired by pinups and hotrods I created menu tabs that go into flames, I think it adds a cool yet simple touch. The blog isn’t finished and I still have much more work to put into it but so far it is looking super good.

Can I also express how excited I am to hang this Santiago portrait on my wall?! I can’t thank him enough for understanding the vision I had for my blog and bringing it to life and new heights.

To those of you inquiring about prints-they are available at my shop- To buy a print click here!

Be sure to check out more of Santiago’s work by visiting his shop!


WIWT: Bettie Page Clothing at Coney Island!

Twas another hot summer day in NYC a few days ago and I didn’t want to waste it being cooped home with a pint of ice cream watching Adventure Time. So I put on an outfit I have been DYING to wear by Bettie Page Clothing, called my friends up, grabbed my beach bag, and headed to Coney Island. Bettie Page Clothing is one of my favorite pinup brands and when I saw their “What a catch” playsuit I just had to have it! Not only is BPC reasonably priced, but the dresses and seperates are completely adorable and so much fun to wear for any occassion, especially a day at the beach! This one has got to be one of my favorites of their collection. It is a 3 piece playsuit that features retro waves and tropical fish. If you want to cover up, you can wear the skirt. If you get to hot, you can just sport the shorts. I love when outfits have options and this one is just amazing, especially for a day in one of my favorite places, Coney Island. I also wore my new vintage heels, beach bag, and cat-eye glasses and it was just perfect. Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I try to conduct cute little photo shoots on certain holidays where I style myself and my girlfriends as pinups. I look at it as a way to be creative and have fun at the same time. Also it is nice to get dolled up and take photos every once in a while. My friend Ingrid is one of my muses and I did a photo shoot of us on Valentine’s day last year so we thought we would take it to the next level for 2012. This is sort of like the pinup packages I offered back last year where I transform women into 50′s pinups and the photographer takes the photos. I cannot tell you how good it makes my clients/girlfriends feel when I doll them up and have their pictures taken. It’s kind of like the confidence you acquire when you wear something like lingerie. Which is why I bring to you the best of it all…Pinups in lingerie for Valentine’s day!

Check out more of the photos inside of Ingrid and I and have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

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NYFW: Lulu’s Style Studio and the Empire hotel!

It is New York fashion week and last friday I was invited to Lulu’s Style Studio event in Soho. I am realizing I love blogger events a little more than I love shows lol and I guess it is because it is more personal and I get to be inspired by people off the runway. I do like shows though, don’t get me wrong, I just love even more to be able to interact with people. I invited my aunt Alex to this event and we were in awe of the pretty decor Lulu created at this venue. There were flowers everywhere, faux grass on the ground, a water fountain, and tables full of pretty purple cupcakes and bottles courtesy of Hpnotiq. The place was flooded with fashion bloggers from all over the world mingling and networking whilst enjoying the great goodies that were being given away at makeup concessions. I actually bumped into a few people I already knew like my friends Danielle and Christina. I was so glad I got to see them as I haven’t had the chance to for a while. What made this event even more amazing is that we were given a ticket with a number and with it we were able to go into the Lulu boutique and take one item for free. There were clothes and bags everywhere and everyone was so excited once they got their turn to rummage through the goods. Danielle got a cute top and I think Christine got a purse. I managed to snag myself a really cool avant-garde red dress and my aunt found herself a cute jacket. We couldn’t have been more thankful for such a wonderful event. Lulu’s did such a great job bringing us bloggers together and made sure we all had a great time and left with wonderful goodies!

After Lulu’s I was going to go to Bloggers Night Out but took a detour to visit my friend Sheila at the Empire hotel for a small fashion show. That part of our night was kind of a buzz kill because the Empire hotel is bleh. If it wasn’t for my aunt and her fun personality, I would have went home right away. I enjoyed her company very much and realized how much I really miss my family. It was a really cool day. Check out more details inside!
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Central park pinups <3

Last Wednesday it was 60 degrees in New York which is really kind of scary for Winter time but I definitely wasn’t complaining. Especially since I had the day free to hang out with my little buddy rex and my good friend Ingrid. I was so excited to take Rex out to the park as we haven’t been there since the Summer. He loves to run around and chase squirrel’s lol. I was also excited to bust out my Top Shop polka dot coat that has been sitting in my closet awaiting warmer weather. I was feeling very pin-up after watching the Prada SS 2012 so I threw on my Betsey Johnson head scarf, polka dot cat eye glasses, and my Forever 21 platform Mary Janes. If you haven’t seen the Prada SS 2012 video please do yourself a favor and check it out by clicking here. It exudes everything I am and more! I also wore a Betsey Johnson “Betsey Babe” printed dress and cardigan that has been sitting in my closet as well, it made me want to go see the movie “My week with Marilyn” but I had little Rexy with me. I wasn’t the only one showcasing my personal style..Ingrid wore a really amazing Zara varsity jacket that had pleather sleeves, an American Apparel boyfriend button-down, pleather leggings, and some really dope wedges you guys have to see! Last but not least, my little munchkin rex was dressed in a cute jean Fiorucci vest with cute patches attached to it. He is a little tough guy after all, I suppose I should dress him like the rock and roller he is lolol. Check out more photos inside! Continue reading


Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is just tugging at my heart-strings. The entire collection is inspired by mid-century fashion and I am absolutely in LOVE. I mean, my attraction to this collection is a no brainer since I follow the rockabilly culture religiously. I am just glad Prada did a great job exuding the aesthetic of an era I love. I am going to do everything in my power to have some of these pieces in my collection of vintage and vintage-inspired threads! I am so impressed and excited for Spring/Summer! Bravo Prada, Bravo!


Celebrate Xmas early with Iron Fist!

As many of you may already know, Iron Fist is one of my favorite brands and I try to snag everything I love every time they come out with a new collection. I did a post on their summer swimwear a while back and have been hooked ever since. Iron Fist is an edgy brand that combines art and fashion effortlessly with a rock and roll edge. What I love about them most is that they offer people affordable quality clothing at all sizes and women/men of all tastes are always guaranteed to find something they like. Well, Christmas came early this year when I received their Fall collection. This happens to be my favorite to date and features beautiful tattooed prints on stretch satin soft materials, faux-fur leopard coats and shoes, Zombie and Muertos prints on shoes and tops, and so much more that makes a cheesecake pin-up go psychobilly! I know..It is already winter but I am one of those people who will finagle my way into wearing something from spring, summer, or fall in the winter by adding components like tights, boots, sweaters, and jackets. Better late then never right? Especially with a collection like this, how could I resist? When I received my big box of Iron Fist‘s Fall goodies I nearly fainted at all of the greatness and decided to have fun playing dress up at my friend Savoia’s shop. Check it out all of my goodies inside! Continue reading

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day cinco!

Day 5 was one of my favorite days in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew because it was full of fun fun fun! We had a wonderful breakfast at Big Pink, spent some time selling paintings and apparel at the gallery, went to the Underbelly Project, visited the local Wynwood Salvation Army where I found tons of goodies, and partied the night away at the Graffiti Gone Global event. It was an all-around-perfect-day! I even wore the perfect outfit! I say perfect because it was comfortable and versatile. For most of my trip I would have to head out of the house with my day and night outfit so we didn’t have to drive back home but on this day all I had to do was bring an extra pair of shoes. Of course I was drenched in a premeditated Versace for H&M ensemble..I mean..What better of a collection to wear in Miami than Versace? The top is actually mens, I managed to snag one after I rummaged through the women’s section. I just felt it went better with the palm tree leggings. To spice it up for 2 different occasions I wore my comfy Zara wedges for day-time-play-time and my turquoise Louboutins for the partying we did that night. Everyone kept asking me if my panther belt was Versace but it’s actually some nameless vintage belt I snagged at Billy’s Antiques. My head scarf is also Versace for H&M, you already know I had to wear it like Rosie the Riveter ;). Check out more photos and details inside! Continue reading

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day dos!

It was day 2 in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew and it was just getting better. On this day we were setting up the gallery for our grand opening reception of Cope’s “Rise to the Occasion” exhibition/ Indie184′s pop-up shop of her clothing line Kweenz Destroy. After setting up and getting the gallery ready, Indie and I snuck away to visit a thrift store we had passed while driving. I found a really cute vintage tote bag with old hot rods and palm trees that was so fitting for Miami, I practically wore it the entire time. After a crazy day of setting up we were off to a Jeremy Scott party at Base where he was showcasing his line for Adidas along with other nick-nacks. It was really fun and I was gagging over all of his clothes. We wanted to stay and see Jeremy but we ran off to see Mr.Brainwash’s exhibit. It was his opening so it was packed with people and just as awesome as I anticipated. There were huge spray cans of Ketchup, amazing murals and collages, giant horses, and a big giant potato head who resembled Brainy. You guys have to see the pictures, there are tons of them in this post! Continue reading

Boxing Kitten Sample Sale!

Boxing Kitten is having a sample sale my loves! I am sure many of you have read my previous post about this wonderful brand called “Boxing Kitten” and now is your chance to get your hands on some fabulous pieces just in time for Christmas! Go wild and treat yourselves!