4Jas SigYou heard right! Kweenz Destroy does it again with a whole new line of tees and accessories fit for all of you Kweenz out there and I got to model them for you at my new home here in Vegas shot by the oh-so-talented Daniel Rodriguez (@hey_there_Daniel). Indie184 is the powerhouse behind KD and is a jack of all trades..So when she isn’t traveling the world showcasing her artwork in the hottest galleries and making her mark on concrete walls; she’s home designing clothes and being the best mother to her itty bitty vandals. I love being able to work with her and Cope2, they are my favorite couple and I adore the good times and great work we have been able to produce over the past 6-7 years (WOW!). I am definitely a fan of her paintings and cannot wait to hang them up on my walls. I practically designed my whole bedroom around her work! Anyway, the “Crown’d” tee you see above is a collaboration between Indie and Ewokone who is also an extremely talented artist so it only makes sense that the design came out amazing. It is one of my favorite shirts to date! Some of my other favorites include her colorful beanies and graffiti STOCKINGS, yup, Indie has created the most awesome stockings and panty hose adorned with her colorful bubble letters. I seriously want to wear them every day so expect to see them on my blog frequently haha. Check out the photos of me modeling the new Kweenz Destroy gear inside!

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Indie184 for MAC Cosmetics

indie_tyovanMy girl Indie184, a world-renowned graffiti artist and kween vandal of Kweenz Destroy, has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to create the most amazing cosmetic bags for all of us glamazons with a taste for fine art and beauty. I am beyond thrilled and happy to see that Indie took her beautiful works of art off of canvas’ and 20 foot walls to the shelves of MAC for the world to enjoy every time we reach for our pink lipstick. Indie continues to reign supreme in the graffiti scene not simply as a “woman” but an ARTIST and an inspiration to us all and I can’t wait to see what else is next. Until then..words cannot express how excited I am to get my hands on both of these cosmetic bags and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. On July 2, 2013 these cosmetic bags will be available for purchase online and sold exclusively in stores from July 11, 2013 through August 22, 2013 so SAVE THE DATE! I certainly did!Illustrated-Bag-1-by-Indie184-300Illustrated-Bag-2-by-Indie184-300Congrats Indie!


Art Basel 2012 in Miami: Day Uno!

DSC_1275I have been anticipating Art Basel since the last one I attended in 2011 with Kweenz Destroy. I had sooo much fun last year and met so many great people and thankfully, I was gifted a trip to celebrate Art Basel again this year-thanks to my wonderful beau who attends every year to create big beautiful works of art all over the walls of the Wynwood district. I was so psyched to finally have a vacation as this has been such a tough year. All I wanted to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy a fun vacation that reminds me how beautiful life really is. I am a little sad to be back, however, I feel empowered, refreshed, inspired, and rejuvenated from my experience there and cannot wait to attend again next year. I was so impressed by the graffiti that adorned Wynwood walls and the imagination it took to create such ornate pieces. Walking around Wynwood; you almost wish you could turn walls into canvas’ that you could take home with you. These artists put so much passion into their work, it’s inspiring to watch them paint live, especially EWOK 5MH. I watched him paint giant massive walls that left me astonished that someone could paint in such a big perspective an artist, myself, I’d find it very difficult to create such large works of art that are proportional and flawless. I was also happy I got to see the live works of SP ONE, INDIE 184, JICK, COPE2, DERO, and JEE. They are all such talented Graffiti artists who really made an impact on the Wynwood walls this year. You will see photos of their work within in my next few posts. This photo was taken in front of SP ONE’s wall, I loved his piece and the colors he used!

Anyway, day one was a day of exploration. I watched artists paint walls, roamed around Wynwood, went to two thrift shops, and enjoyed the galleries with my beau before we were back home to enjoy the night lights of Miami. Check out the photos inside! Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 3!

It was day 3 in Vegas and we were ready for the first day of the Viva Las Vegas convention festivities. The first day of vlv is really just to register, check out the vendors, and see some bands play so I took the opportunity to do all of those things whilst venturing out with my family to go antique shopping. Me and the girls were excited to really dress up and strut our east coast flavor. However, walking in heels from 9am-12am is no joke so of course there were many outfit changes. I made sure I made use of my first outfit of the day which was one of my favorites out of everything I brought with me. I wore a regal silk scarf around my head, my vintage Sharagano blouse, my Betsey Johnson nautical shorts, a vintage belt, and my Christian Louboutin stilettos. All of my accessories were vintage including my change of shades throughout the day. I just wanted to mashup 90′s Versace with mid-century pinup style and that is why I love this outfit so much. It was busy but it just worked.

Believe it or not, the girls and I went BACK to Buffalo Exchange. Obsessed? maybe. I swear every time I go there I end up finding something and lord I found lots of really cute pieces this time. Plus I always find cheaper vintage their as opposed to the VLV vendors who sell over-priced vintage. Anyway, after that I was off to see my family again for some Antique shopping in the Fremont area of Las Vegas. When I got back I headed straight to the VLV vendors to see if there was any good vintage deals but I didn’t find much. After running around all day I felt my body start to break down and I needed sleep BAD so I got back to the hotel room changed into some comfy clothes and headed downstairs for some R&R and good noms at Koji. This Japanese restaurant at the Orleans that had me addicted to their spicy mayo. Though dinner was pleasant I didn’t last the night to see the bands. I just went to our room and passed out.

See more inside!

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Reebok Classics Presents: World Piecebook

The World Piecebook was created by OG graffiti artists Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente who feature the best of the best graffiti drawings in their Piecebooks. World Piecebook is their newest release and third volume of blackbook drawings from writers around the world. They have compiled all of the best and rare graffiti drawings from 1985-2005 into their books for the world to see and I am sure it was no easy task but they did it. These are the black books of all black books featuring the best graffiti artists in the world and instead of having to keep one (shhhh) that has been passed on there is enough piecebooks to go around.. Get your Piecebooks here.

These videos were shot at Art Basel in Miami last year and I had the pleasure of meeting many of these amazing artists and got to visit lots of really great galleries that are featured (search “Art Basel” in my web search for my posts). It was one of the best experiences of my life being able to fly out to Miami with the KD crew as a model for Kweenz Destroy and I learned so much more about this culture that has surrounded and inspired me my entire life. Even though graffiti is huge right now, there are many who stand out from the rest who have their own character, own style, and exude originality and authenticity. Many of which are featured in this amazing video and in these books. I had to share it with you all and recommend that you try to attend Art Basel this year to catch a glimpse of this amazing movement first hand. I can’t tell you how many wonderful and talented people I met who inspired me greatly.

Big shout out to Cope2 and Ewok 5MH!


Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day Seis!

My trip to Miami was fastly coming to an end as I savored up day 6 to its fullest potential. I only had one more day to soak up that Miami sun, meet and greet a bunch of Kweenz Destroy fans and my readers at the gallery, visit galleries I still hadn’t seen, watch street artists work their magic on Wynwood walls, and see whatever else Miami had to offer. It was another perfect day, I can’t complain except for the fact that there was a power outage at a Goldrush party we were supposed to attend but we made the best of our night as Wynwood was still up and running down to the very last second of Art Basel. On this day many artists were finishing their walls and we caught a great glimpse of it all. It is always refreshing and inspiring to see artists at work, doing what they love for the world to see. I am sure many of you who love to be visually stimulated as I do will love this post. See more photos and details inside. Continue reading

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day cinco!

Day 5 was one of my favorite days in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew because it was full of fun fun fun! We had a wonderful breakfast at Big Pink, spent some time selling paintings and apparel at the gallery, went to the Underbelly Project, visited the local Wynwood Salvation Army where I found tons of goodies, and partied the night away at the Graffiti Gone Global event. It was an all-around-perfect-day! I even wore the perfect outfit! I say perfect because it was comfortable and versatile. For most of my trip I would have to head out of the house with my day and night outfit so we didn’t have to drive back home but on this day all I had to do was bring an extra pair of shoes. Of course I was drenched in a premeditated Versace for H&M ensemble..I mean..What better of a collection to wear in Miami than Versace? The top is actually mens, I managed to snag one after I rummaged through the women’s section. I just felt it went better with the palm tree leggings. To spice it up for 2 different occasions I wore my comfy Zara wedges for day-time-play-time and my turquoise Louboutins for the partying we did that night. Everyone kept asking me if my panther belt was Versace but it’s actually some nameless vintage belt I snagged at Billy’s Antiques. My head scarf is also Versace for H&M, you already know I had to wear it like Rosie the Riveter ;). Check out more photos and details inside! Continue reading

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day cuatro!

Day 4 was a pretty chill and successful day at the gallery with the KD crew. We were almost sold out of T-shirts at the Kweenz Destroy pop-up shop and Cope2 paintings were still all the rave of Wynwood. They also went around Wynwood painting more walls. Most importantly, they completed the front wall of the gallery with the London Police and Galo. I think that’s the best part about Art Basel, it connects artists from all over the world to one another and they are able to unite, bond, and collaborate in creating great art. It was really inspiring to say the least. It doesn’t get better than good weather and good company. That Florida sun was shinning, the streets were still flooded with artists and art lovers, and when the sun went down it was party time. The great part about this trip was the fact that many of my NY friends were attending and I got to catch up with a few that stopped by the gallery. Today my friend and great artist Viajero stopped by and it is such a small world because he is also a friend of Fernando, the art curator of Cope2‘s exhibit. I mean that isn’t so far-fetched, they are both from NY and are surrounded by the art world. Anyway, I am always so busy in NYC that I don’t get to hang out with my friends much so it was nice to catch up with Viajero and visit the local galleries in the area. My road-dog Ingrid was also with us as she is attached to my hip. I don’t really like to go anywhere without her, it’s just not as fun! Check out photos and details of my trip inside! Continue reading

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day tres!

Day 3 in Miami with the KD crew was one for the books as it was the grand opening of the Cope2 “Rise to the Occasion” exhibition and Indie184′sKweenz Destroy” pop up shop. It was an incredible opening reception and the gallery was flooded with people who adored the originality and authenticity of Cope2 and Indie184′s work. Magazines like Juxtapoz, Paper, Hypebeast, and Infamous were raving about it. The Kweenz Destroy pop-up shop was also a huge success. I was dressed head-to-toe in Indie’s new collection and women were gagging over it whilst cleaning us out of last seasons apparel. This time, Indie had outdone herself with amazing graffiti leggings, crop tops, and pop-art sweaters & Tees. Only the people who came out to Wynwood were able to see the collection before it drops. By the time the event was over, our guest book was flooded with emails of women who wanted to pre-order the new collection. As the special guest for the KD pop-up shop, I was so delighted that many of my readers came out to visit. It was the perfect meet and greet moment for me as I signed postcards and got to know my wonderful readers outside of the computer screen. That was the best part of my trip to Miami, I met so many people and built so many friendships I can see lasting a lifetime. Check out more details of day 3 inside! Continue reading

Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day dos!

It was day 2 in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew and it was just getting better. On this day we were setting up the gallery for our grand opening reception of Cope’s “Rise to the Occasion” exhibition/ Indie184′s pop-up shop of her clothing line Kweenz Destroy. After setting up and getting the gallery ready, Indie and I snuck away to visit a thrift store we had passed while driving. I found a really cute vintage tote bag with old hot rods and palm trees that was so fitting for Miami, I practically wore it the entire time. After a crazy day of setting up we were off to a Jeremy Scott party at Base where he was showcasing his line for Adidas along with other nick-nacks. It was really fun and I was gagging over all of his clothes. We wanted to stay and see Jeremy but we ran off to see Mr.Brainwash’s exhibit. It was his opening so it was packed with people and just as awesome as I anticipated. There were huge spray cans of Ketchup, amazing murals and collages, giant horses, and a big giant potato head who resembled Brainy. You guys have to see the pictures, there are tons of them in this post! Continue reading