My favorite looks of 2011!

So the countdown begins as we slowly approach 2012, a new year I hope brings me as much joy as 2011. This year was definitely one for the books. I met so many wonderful people who have become a part of my circle. I feel fortunate that I have such a strong team of beautiful individuals in my life who love and support me unconditionally as I do for them. I have also been to amazing places and have attended many events I plan to make a habit out of like..Art Basel, Viva Las Vegas, the IFB conference, and others. This year, I feel like I have evolved consistently in regards to my style but most importantly, I have evolved immensely as a person. I have become a more positive, compassionate, and joyful person no matter what challenges I have faced or losses I have had to bury. The pictures shown on my blog this year is proof of that. It wasn’t just my confidence and realization of self-worth that brought me to this happy place in my life, It was the understanding that happiness is a state of mind, not a person, place, or thing. When you are content with your life and who you are, sure things can shake you, but they cannot break you. I am not perfect and do not have a perfect life but I am happy with it none the less and I never take it for granted. Being happy allows you to see things with a different perspective, you go from uninspired by anything and bored with everything to inspired by even the littlest things. I feel that with the change in my attitude and atmospheres I was able to have more fun with fashion and really broaden my horizons with new risks. In this post I want to reflect on my evolution as a whole…A happier, more free, more artistic, more fashionable me. These are my favorite looks and moments of 2011, which one is yours?

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What I wore today: 12.17.11

New York is brutal come Winter time and it is a lot harder to be fashionable when you have to layer and wear a coat all the time. Mother nature gave me a break on the 17th, it wasn’t so cold and I was off to Billy’s Antiques to be a part of a NYTimes article about Billy and his shop. The only thing I like about Winter is that I get to wear lots of leather and fur, my two most favorite things in fashion. Both of those things go hand in hand when I channel my sassy pinup side or even my grim dapper androgynous side. On this day, I went with dapper and remembered Alexander McQueens Pre-Fall 2009 collection (my favorite) and it inspired my outfit. I think I died when I first saw his 2009 collection because it really exuded the look I was going for every time I took inspiration from Clockwork Orange and would wear my bowler hats with a suit. The 2009 collection was a feminine touch to menswear, the exact look I had imagined in my head all these years brought to life by a Genius that is McQueen. I even got my hands on a pair of boots from that same McQueen collection that ended up being the best finishing touch to my outfit. Check it out inside. Continue reading “What I wore today: 12.17.11”

All hail McQueen at

Alexander McQueen’s legacy will live on and continue to flourish throughout time. His work is timeless and years from now people will still mention him as a legend of fashion, a visionary, a man whose designs had no limitations. He is definitely one of my favorite designers so it was awesome to find many of his pieces on FF is a website where you can shop from the best boutiques all over the world. It brings them all together in one place to make your shopping easier and sometimes even cheaper! I came across Farfetch a few months ago and have been hooked ever since, as it has many designer handbags I love love love. At FF you will find many including one of my favorites; the Alexander McQueen stud knuckle clutch. They have them in different colors and textiles. FF also has some McQueen apparel too along with shoes! How could I forget the shoes! I wish I could have it all! Ahhh a girl can dream. Here are some dreamy McQueen clutches you can find at Farfetch.

This is my favorite clutch from the Alexander McQueen collection you can find on FF. Click on the photo for more details.

This is another one of my favorite stud knuckle clutches on FF. This one has a regal and royal feel to it. This one is fit for a queen, don’t you think? ;) Click on the photo for more details.

This is the whipstitch skull clutch. I like this one too even though it doesn’t have the stud knuckles. I also love that the stitching kinda resembles the british flag. Click on the photo for more details.

Last but certainly not least, this is a more simple but awesome leather McQueen clutch. I’d wear the hell out of this one because I wear leather so much. It would be my go-to clutch for everything. Click the photo for more details.

Which one is your favorite?

Check out more McQueen items by visiting the Farfetch shop!