Vintage Hairstyling

Being passionate about the rockabilly culture has sparked my creativity so much throughout the years that I have mastered many mid-century styles. Pompadours, victory rolls, soft saves, and pin curls used to take me hours and now with the help of my books and my half-wigs I have figured out how to manipulate my hair and take short cuts while I am at it. I am still learning but am excited to show you my tips and tricks to make your life a hell of a lot easier.

  • I shampoo my entire head but I only condition the ends of my hair starting from the end of my scalp.
  • I wash my hair twice a week as it doesn’t get oily quickly. For oily hair invest in dry shampoo and condition your ends lightly.
  • I do not blow dry my hair as I feel it fries and damages it. If you use a straightener or a curling iron you can reap the same results.
  • I rarely put products in my hair like gel or hair spray but if I do they usually don’t contain alcohol. Try using moose as it is more flexible and easy to wash out.
  • I cut my hair once every six months.
  • I color my hair every 2 months with over-the-counter Loreal Feria box dyes. It dyes your hair without changing the texture.
  • Use BioSilk serum for damaged overly processed hair. It is a leave-in shine conditioner that will leave your hair smooth and flawless looking. Just a tear drop is all you need. It worked wonders for my hair but make sure you are not allergic to silicone.
  • All of my hot tools are ceramic. I recommend ceramic because it runs smoothly through your hair and causes less damage than regular flat irons. If your hair burns easily try using a cooler setting, your hair doesn’t have to burn to hold a curl or to be straight.

[Photo by Frank Antonio styled by me. T-shirt design by Derek Santiago]

You can wear bumper bangs in a number of ways. You can turn it into a pompadour, wear it with a pony tail, have a lazy day with a head scarf and so on and so forth. It is my go-to quick style when I want to sport a pinup look in a rush. Yes, in a rush because even though it looks difficult, it is actually very simple. When I first tried it, my bumper bangs were always lopsided so it will take a few tries to perfect it. It wasn’t until I experimented with a foundation foam roller that I was able to skip the hassle.

Here is what you need to create a bumper bang:

A Comb.

You will need a comb to part the front of your hair to prepare for the bumper bangs. You also have to use the bottom pic of the comb to roll hair into place after hair is sprayed.

Hair Tie.

Get a hair tie that matches your hair because the key is having it be almost invisible to the naked eye. This is the easy hassle free way to do a bumper bang especially if you already have bangs and they are short. You have to part the front of your hair and tie it which is then followed by rolling the hair over the foam foundation. This holds the hair into place until you are experienced enough to try doing it without it.

Foam Foundation:

These foam foundations are growing with popularity because of the sock bun trend but this is what I use for my bumper bangs and to also gibson roll the back of my hair. I use the long tube foam foundation but sometimes beauty stores don’t have them. Don’t fret, If you don’t see a long tube foundation you can use a sock bun and just cut it. Depending on how big you want your bangs you can always experiment with sizes and widths.

Bobby Pins.

You need bobby pins to keep the bumper bangs into place. It is best to secure them under the bumper bangs or through the foam roller.

The 5 steps to creating a bumper bang:

1. Part it. Make believe you are parting your hair to prepare to get your bangs cut, that’s the section you will use to roll the hair over the foam foundation. Here is a picture so you can get an idea. The pink section is all you will need unless your hair is thin. If your hair is thin and you want more volume take more hair from the back.

2. Ponytail it. Grab parted hair and tie it into a pony tail with a hair tie making sure it is centered.

3. Roll it. Roll the hair over the foam foundation.

4. Secure it. After you roll your bangs you bend them into a “smile” and you secure them with bobby pins.

5. Spread it. Now spread your hair gently to hide any exposed foam from the foundation.

6. Spray it. Use finishing spray to secure the fly aways and take the bottom pic of your comb to roll them under the bumper bang as well.


Now you can either tie the rest into a pony tail, wrap it under a bandana, or turn it into a pompadour by pulling the sides into victory rolls.

Video Tutorial coming soon!

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