DMR Depictions is booking for Viva!

VIVA-AD-finalMy go-to photographer is, hands down, Daniel Rodriguez of DMR Depictions here in Las Vegas. Many of my greatest images have been shot by Daniel and he is now booking limited shoots for Viva Las Vegas! Don’t wait till last minute. Spots are filling fast. Information is on the flyer. For examples of his work, click below!

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Boom Box Bombshell. - dmrdepictions.comI wanted to do a fun little shoot that really embodies who I am and what my blog is about and who better to bring out my vision than my talented friend and pro-tographer Daniel from DMR Depictions. My friend Kenley Collins is an amazing fashion designer who continues to break the mold of traditional rockabilly style and I recently got my hands on one of her pieces which was a romper with a cassette tape print. It was love at first sight and a really great piece that speaks to me on so many levels because it’s like a combination of my two favorite eras which is why I had to wear it for this shoot. It would be very limiting of me to categorize myself as JUST “rockabilly” or “pinup” when there are so many over layers to who I am. My personality and style is so versatile I like to channel different parts of myself every day. Some days I am goth, some days I am urban, some days I am pinup but If I had to really narrow down my style It would be a marriage of the classic style of the 50s and the nitty-gritty rawness of 1980s culture and fashion. I love the classic cars, architecture, fashion, glamour, and elegance of the 1950s but I also love the graffiti, music, dancing, fashion, and culture that was very much a part of my life in the 1980s growing up in New York City. I like that I can mix them up to create a style all my own, one that embodies who I really am. I never pay attention to all of those stupid rules in fashion magazines that dictate what’s in or out of fashion. Fashion is what we see models sport on runways but STYLE is personal; it’s what we want to wear that makes us feel great despite the season, critics, magazines, and trends. I’ve been blogging for 10+ years and wearing what I want since I was a kid. My mother taught me to embrace who I am at a very young age and encouraged me to stay creative and she is very much a great part of who I am today and why I continue to dance to the beat of my own boom box ;). Who needs rules when it comes to self-expression anyway? My message to all of you is to embrace your creativity and dress however you like. You don’t have to stick to one particular style. Have fun, mix it up, and create a style all your own because nothing is more liberating than being yourself. I hope these photos inspire you to dance to beat of YOUR own boom box. Now lets dance! Read More

Mad for Wicker bags!


mcLhY4Km2WuWMq_l3-cQuvAIn the 1950’s wicker purses or woven purses were really popular, like those made by the likes of Los Doradas. I am sure if you are a vintage lover like myself; you have come across these purses on ebay or etsy whilst searching for the perfect staple piece. Every vintage loving girl needs one as they practically match every sun-dress without fail. They look like small handheld picnic baskets with ribbons and decorative elements on top, like plastic or fabric fruits, flowers, and some even have poodle decorations (which are my personal favorite). Dorset Rex of New York had a different idea and started a trend when they created metal woven purses which I feel were more of an evening style. This gorgeous metal design is almost always accompanied by a lucite top and handle for a luxurious feel. Many of these Dorset purses can also be found all over ebay and etsy or vintage/thrift stores. Los Doradas and Dorset style purses were really popular till the late 60s and then kind of died out in the 70s to be revived by vintage lovers like myself who love to have timeless and unique pieces of history.

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Lars Kommienezuspadt is coming to Viva Las Vegas!


If you are coming down for VIVA LAS VEGAS, do not miss your chance to be a part of this very special event by Lars Kommienezuspadt (@Kommienezuspadt)!

Friday, April 3rd I will be joining/co-hosting Lars K. for a Viva Las Vegas exclusive OPEN LIGHT: Modeling, Posing and Etiquette workshop.  This is one workshop of many as Lars has held this particular workshop from NYC to LA with co-hosts such as Rivi Madison, Chad Moon and Jim Gavenus. All of which were a complete success and great learning experience for his students! The class is open to photographers, models, make-up artists and hair stylists.

In addition to dynamic positioning and camera interaction from both model and photographer, we’ll be discussing professionalism, personal safety, responsibility and etiquette within the fashion and beauty industry. Register now with a deposit or in full by visiting

Lars has shot me a few times and each time has been an experience I’d never forget. He is incredibly talented in so many areas and his creativity shines within his work. Every time we shoot together I can pretty much guarantee that my images are going to look amazing and I feel really fortunate to have shot with him (he’s hella booked all the time haha). For those of you who haven’t seen the last images I shot with Lars, check them out inside. Just keep in mind, they are a little risqué. ;) Read More

His Vintage Touch is coming to Las Vegas!


Professional Hair Stylist and vintage extraordinaire Tony Medina, also known as His Vintage Touch, is going on tour and will be teaching a hair styling course here in Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas! You absolutely do not want to miss this course. Tony is a genius and GODLY when it comes to styling hair and I know I don’t want to miss his amazing tips and tricks that will make my life a whole lot easier. If you want to know how to recreate his amazing vintage hairstyles make sure you book his class today!

See you there!



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