Retro Barbie!

1bIt was finally the weekend and I spent most of the day shooting with my friend Daniel because my job needed employee photos for their website. We always take really good photos together, we are like a dynamic duo here in Vegas. After shooting, we spent the rest of the day cruising around Vegas, had lunch, and just relaxed. I thought shooting was over till we decided to take photos of the actual outfit I wore that day which is certainly one of my favorites. My entire ensemble is from and if you didn’t know, I am actually the Executive buyer of the website :). I was so excited to get my hands on this awesome Barbie cropped T-shirt that cost me only $25 and my FAVORITE Deadly Dames Capri’s in black in which I now have in every color lol. The pair was perfect and I was comfortable and chic feeling like a true Barbie in my Christian Louboutin open toe Maryl heels, Vintage Barbie hat box purse, vintage velvet cat eye sunglasses, and my bumper bang Barbie ponytail. I love when outfits are fun, easy, and comfortable. I could wear this outfit every day. I sometimes wear these cool outfits and forget to take photos so I am glad we got to shoot photos of this one ;). Read More

The Cat & The Caddy Shack!

img_1964A few weeks ago there was an open house in the neighborhood for this infamous house called the Caddy Shack designed by Palmer & Krisel in 1962. This is the same duo who designed the house I now live in with my best friend. This particular home is more Avant Garde than the other models they built and the owners have done a great job making sure it has stayed in its original condition all of these years without some mumbo jumbo coming in to modernize it. I was excited to see it as my best friend and I would always marvel at the cool structured neon lime green retro home whenever we drove by. It exceeded my already awesome expectations when I walked in, it was absolutely gorgeous. The rooms were huge and each one had a different retro theme and color scheme, the pool was amazing, the kitchen was a neon orange, the fireplace was gorgeous, and the closets were ginormous! It was a dream home I hope to buy one day. I wish I could show you more photos but we were too busy marveling at the interior that we didn’t get to take too many. I did, however, get some cool shots of my outfit around my neighborhood earlier that day. I wore a vintage jumpsuit I found for $5 at a cute little vintage shop in Pasadena, California a few months ago. I was a cool cat in my linen jumpsuit, It was so comfy and so light that the Vegas heat was easy to deal with haha. It’s nice to look and feel cute but it isn’t cute to be uncomfortable. I could wear this outfit all day! Read More

The Las Vegas Puerto Rican Festival

IMG_1585 A few weeks ago was the annual Puerto Rican festival here in Vegas and it would be our (My bestie Santiago & I) first time attending as Las Vegas residents. We would usually go to the one in the Bronx when we lived in New York so we were excited to see how Las Vegas celebrates our culture. We don’t know too many Puerto Rican’s here but we know a couple, Rudy & Urma, whom we absolutely love that we call our adopted family. They are a happily married elder couple from New York who moved to California in the 70s and then moved to Las Vegas in the 80s. I love visiting their home because they have an old Bronx Subway sign and lots of cool antiques. They have made it a lot easier for us to live in Vegas because we don’t have any family members here and they treat us like family. They are extremely lovable, hospitable, and kind. I can’t tell you how much I miss Puerto Rican food sometimes, and Urma is a pro at cooking such delicious dishes. She can even cook Filipino, chinese, and mexican food. I keep telling them to open a restaurant because they are so talented. My dog rex even loves them as they have a cute little yorky too named Mai Tai who is Rex’s best friend. It was good to see them at the Puerto Rican festival and to meet more Puerto Rican’s alike. It was such a cute and intimate crowd. Everyone was dancing, the kids were playing amongst one another, and the bands did such a great job covering some of the best songs of some of our greatest Puerto Rican singers and musicians. We soaked up the sun, drank Coquito, and ate giant plates of food with pernil, rice, beans, salad, and pasteles. God I missed that stuff. It was also refreshing to see people playing dominos, an old tradition in Puerto Rican and Cuban culture. I was in my element and proud to be around my people. It’s good to know there are so many of us here. Read More

20 things I learned about Love.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in Before my blog was about fashion it was about romance. I used to write about it all the time as it was something I was naturally passionate about. I still just as passionate about it today but rarely ever express my thoughts because writing about romance means you have to be vulnerable and also talk from experience. I am very private about my love life so it isn’t easy talking about romance when you are a public figure and everyone is in your business. However, I want to go back to being comfortable enough to share these things with you, things I wish I would have read in the past that could have helped me identify the mistakes I made being with the wrong people. This isn’t a post to bash and generalize every man in the world. This is about what I learned from the very few men I have allowed into my life and also about the experiences my friends have had in the past. I think these lessons don’t only apply to women but can also be applied to men as some women are just as guilty of these faults. I wish I would have known then what I know now and I still feel like I am learning and still have a lot of learning to do. Maybe I have just been unlucky with my own experiences but I hope that my luck will change one day so I am able to talk about romance without a flicker of doubt. And since these are just my opinions, you don’t have to agree but respect that this is all I know from my own experiences.

Ready. Set. Learn.

Read More

Desert flowers

IMG_1479It was yet another lovely day in Vegas so my bestie and I decided to go cruising around town. We like to drive around our beautiful neighborhood sometimes to see the pretty houses and whilst getting lost in our wanderlust we came across an intersection of the golf course that was adorned with flowers. It was so pretty so I took a moment to document the outfit I wore on this gorgeous day in Vegas. I went through my archives and found a vintage dress I haven’t worn in ages that fits me so much better now that I have gained a bit of weight haha. Sometimes gaining a few pounds isn’t a bad thing haha! It has a beautiful black leaf print and a split on the knee that ruffles out mermaid style. It is such a comfortable, elegant, yet sexy little number. I wore the dress with a sash belt, my vintage wicker purse, vintage parrot necklace, and Jessica Simpson wooden semi-wedges. The sun was intense so I also wore my vintage gold sunnies. Read More


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