No lust for love.

9843d03212b74ea373f0f175371be0b8One of my resolutions was to write more and even though I am very much aware that I am not the best writer I know my thoughts are valuable and worth sharing. I am hoping that maybe through this post, I can somehow change someones perspective and possibly save them from the unhealthy habits of those of us who have big hearts.

I feel like I woke up just before last year ended. I can’t really explain it but..I literally woke up one day 100% content with being single. Not really sure what happened, maybe I just surrendered. Maybe I had reached my limit of disappointments. I’m not too sure. This was new for me. I have always lusted over the idea of companionship. Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to have that perfect fairy tale romance. But you get older, and you realize that those fantasies are not as whimsical as they are in your head. Sure romance can be amazing but lets face it, how many frogs have you kissed before you realized he wasn’t a prince? lol. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

It happened to me until I took those stupid foggy goggles off.

I can see a lot clearer now. I can see things for what they are/were. I am 100% happy right now. Why? Well, I learned to be content with being alone and I realized that my wants/needs for companionship all these years was really responsible for 95% of my on going back and forth depression. HOLY FUCK. I think I may have spared myself yet another year of disappointments waiting on some soul mate that may or may not even exist. I’m not trying to be a pessimist here, I still believe in love, I still wouldn’t mind having that companionship, I just don’t lust for it anymore. I don’t crave that attention, affection, or title for that matter. If it comes it comes but for now I have really been enjoying my freedom.

I think traveling was a huge part of my progression last year. I cannot tell you how much fun I had jet setting around the US. It was enlightening to know I could go anywhere and do whatever I wanted; that life was a blank canvas for me now and it was up to me to turn it into a work of art. Every time I took a plane, I’d look down on the tiny specs of light from thousands of feet in the air, realizing how big the world really is..and it made me think of how many times I allowed 1 person out of a billion people in the world to affect me in the most negative of ways. That was my pattern, that was my reality until I woke up. Always giving giving giving and getting nothing in return. Always leaving leaving leaving and being told that I am loved. Always dwelling dwelling dwelling and getting nowhere.

Excuse my french but-I can’t fuck with this generation of half-assed romances. I’m sorry. I would rather be alone. Now, I won’t settle, and you shouldn’t either, man or woman.

I really thought about it. Turns out, romance had barely any positive influence on my happiness at all last year and pretty much ever. Everything I thought was great was some fantasy I had thought up in my artistic brain. I swear I could see art in everything. I could see the saint in the sinner. I could see calligraphy in a lock of hair.

These were things that didn’t really exist and when I finally saw these things for what they really were, I resented myself for believing they could be otherwise.

I think “hope” is a great thing. I really do. I just think we should all “hope” in moderation because sometimes that hope turns into a fantasy that isn’t real. We convince ourselves that someone is great, when they aren’t. I’ve made that mistake. We all do. We convince ourselves that we need to be in relationships to be happy but that’s not true and it’s probably the best thing I have ever learned.

I felt very confused last year, I had somehow lost my sense of value and I gave my attention to someone who was not right for me. However, what I learned from him was important. From the outside looking in, I saw myself simply wanting to “settle” because..well..look around. I’m picky and I rarely ever like someone so when I am even slightly intrigued I am relieved. I am ashamed to say, I was desperate. Desperate for it to work out just to prove something to myself. Desperate for it to work out because I wanted to prove I could succeed at romance for once. Desperate because I didn’t want to have to “try” anymore. That’s scary as hell when you find yourself settling because you don’t want to go through the trouble of opening yourself up to someone else again. I don’t ever want to look back at my life thinking I settled for some lukewarm romance because I was lonely and got comfortable. No no no.

The way I look at it is kinda like this. It’s like finding a cute pair of shoes but they are a half-size too small, so you buy them anyway and you walk around with them in pain until you can’t take it anymore and decide to give them away. Don’t force a shoe on your foot that doesn’t fit. They may be cute, but they sure as hell don’t make you FEEL good. There are millions of fabulous shoes in the world. If they don’t fit, don’t buy them.

You have got to learn to decipher your comfort zones from real love or convenience from real love. Sometimes we are distraught when things don’t work out but I promise, let time pass and you will realize why it didn’t and you will be thankful.

Took me a while to identify my inner masochist but I caught myself. It wasn’t until I decided to revisit the past that I remembered what that kind of euphoria (real love) was supposed to feel like and all it took was a few seconds of conversation at a coffee shop…That’s all it took..I had forgotten in all this time how it felt until that moment…and maybe I wanted to forget all these years. Maybe I wanted to forget the butterflies, knee-buckling kisses, and the adrenaline rush I got every time our eyes met. Sometimes that euphoric love can get you into a lot of trouble, especially when you love someone so much and they don’t love you back. Not all love stories end with happily ever after. I learned to accept and move forward.

The past is the past, but sometimes we have to revisit it to say, yeah, this is the mistake I made or this is what love is supposed to be/feel like. I had to revisit a time I was once really in love, the first time I ever felt something strong, and it was scary because I’d have to face my fears of rehashing the can of worms that came with a broken heart to understand the mistakes I was making now.

So I did it. I took a risk, I conquered, and I made peace with it. After YEARS I made peace with my past…This person was no longer my kryptonite and after a few sweet nothings whispered in my ear then and shortly after…I took my shovel, reburied it, and walked away.

At 28, I don’t have time for the sayers. I only have time for the doers, a go getter, a man of his word. A man who understands that I have my own life and need my own independence. Understands my career and supports me. Someone who loves adventure as much as I do, respects me as much as I respect him, and will never stop working on our love. It doesn’t have to be perfect but if it isn’t heart-felt, I don’t want it. If it is half-assed I don’t want it. I would rather be alone. I am 100% committed when I am with a man. I am committed to helping him grow, committed to loving and respecting him, and committed to being consistent with my efforts. It has to be mutual.

I always thought I loved myself enough but loving yourself enough means you don’t need companionship to be happy, to feel loved, or to feel important. I didn’t fully understand that till I found my strength again..Until I really reached a great level of self-love. Now I don’t feel sad when I see people hold hands..or kiss..or hug..I feel nothing but happiness for them and I have more patience than ever to wait for my time. Love does exist. The euphoric-can’t-live-without-you-love does exist but its best when you are ready, independent, and can stand on your own with or without it. And you know, sometimes we aren’t ready, sometimes we have to commit to growing together and that’s good too but it has to be mutual.

For now, I welcome all of the adventures that await me, all of the new lessons I will learn along the way, and all the fascinating people who will become another part of my story. Now is the time to focus more on my goals and my bucket list. So my message to all of you loners out there is: Don’t depend on romance for your happiness, try to understand if/when you are settling, pay attention to more of what you see than what you hear, and focus more on just having fun until that right person comes along. You are not empty. You are a blank canvas with the tools you need to create a life that is a work of art.

Your time will come..and so will mine.

Until then, enjoy the ride.

Carpe Diem!




My holly jolly Christmas <3

IMG_4020It was my second Christmas in Las Vegas and it doesn’t get easier being away from my family. However, I am thankful to have friends here who have turned into family like our friends Rudy & Urma who are originally from the Bronx. This fun and hospitable Puerto Rican couple is who Santiago (My best friend) and I spend time with during most holidays. They are such amazing people and I love being able to be surrounded by my culture when I visit because there are not too many Puerto Rican people here. I was excited to visit them as it gave me a reason to get dressed to the nines in my new Voodoo Vixen tartan dress I have been dying to wear. My outfit was simple to put together considering all I had to do was pull my hair back and throw on my Kling acorn hat I recently purchased via Pinup Girl Clothing. My hair is always the hardest part considering the length and heaviness I have to deal with on a daily basis haha. I love when I can just throw on a hat and go. As for the rest of my outfit, I added contrast with a black patent leather waist belt, black patent leather Christian Louboutin shoes, and my Betsey Johnson satchel that also had patent leather accents (and a few gold studs too!). And since it was cold out, I wore a vintage sweater that had a bold fur collar and my studded leather half gloves from Patricia Field. The gloves matched my satchel perfectly. My earrings are vintage from the 1950s. So you could say my outfit had an old english feel with a bad girl twist and it made Christmas that much more enjoyable. Read More

Frida Las Vegas!

J4I saved my first post for the new year for one of my favorite jewelry designers, Frida Las Vegas! This bodacious colorful babe creates wearable works of perspex pop art inspired by everything 80’s new wave, her home Australia, and anything else that tickles her fancy. She just started her company in 2013 and is already becoming a worldwide phenomenon; adored by celebrities, socialites, and bloggers like myself. I immediately gravitated to her designs as someone who adores the 80’s as well and because I love to mix genre’s I envisioned wearing her pieces with some of my 50’s looks. My favorite from her ready-to-wear collection is the Pantera earrings and the Questionable earrings so I had to get my hands on them! I love anything with black panthers so I will say I am a little biased. Man they are so COOL! I just love unique things and her pieces are very unique and bold for a fearless fashionista like myself. Speaking of bold, her Questionable earrings are hella bold and hella awesome. They make me feel like I am in a comic book (I love comics) and I am able to tie them into my retro looks as well! Inside is an outfit I wore that I styled in two different ways to compliment my two new pairs of Frida Las Vegas earrings. They were shot by my friend Daniel of DMR Depictions.

Read More

Gamble in Style!

iconic-image-of-sunny-harnett-in-evening-gown-by-grc3a8s-at-the-gaming-tables-in-the-casino-at-le-touquet-photo-by-avedon-august-1954Living in the mecca of Casino town here in Las Vegas, It is easy to find a slot machine. Hell, as soon as you get out of the airport there are slot machines haha. I have gambled a few times since I have been here and it’s a lot of fun when you do it with friends. I never win of course but I have some friends that win all the time! I guess I’m a little bad luck charm haha. So many of my friends from the east coast travel here or to Atlantic city to get their gambling fix but I think its pretty cool that technology now allows you to do it from home. This is bad news for people who have serious gambling issues but for those of us who do it for fun, it’s a great way to have a little fun. Beats playing solitaire at work!
So yeah, back to online gambling. Online casino companies have created an infrastructure that allows millions of people to play games online at any time of day. This is a great thing as it allows many people to have a little fun and enjoy themselves while at home. Most online casinos such as have a huge variety of games to choose from and so no matter what you are into there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy. I mean, this is changing the amount of people who are visiting real casinos because it’s convenient but anybody who enjoys online casinos on a regular basis will have some interest in visiting the real thing as well. Plus, its a lot of fun when you can go to a casino with friends, dressed to the nines, after a cool dinner. Most of the Casinos here are really beautiful with really incredible places to eat and even party.
One aspect that might worry some people when visiting a real casino for the first time is the idea of what they should be wearing. For women this is especially meaningful. This is because in films most women (remember Ginger from the movie Casino?) tend to be wearing very expensive clothes and dresses to look their best and stand out from the crowd. However, you don’t have to look like Ginger from the movie Casino (even though she’s a mega-babe and I certainly don’t mind looking like that) most women would not feel comfortable so it’s a good job that casinos do not expect people to dress like this. Instead they expect a smart casual dress code so anything that you would normally wear to a bar is generally going to be fine. As long as you feel comfortable that is what really matters. It also depends on the Casino, if it is fancy, dress up! If it isn’t you can go in a jeans and a t-shirt. For either type, here are some casual and fancy casino outfit ideas I have pulled together from Pinup Girl Clothing that would be perfect if you were visiting a casino with friends for a night out on the town!

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A Mortal Kombat Halloween!

titleIt was my favorite holiday of the year, HALLOWEEN, and I was ready to kick some major ass in my Scorpion costume. This was a last-minute execution of an old idea (I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now) so I basically frankensteined an already made mens costume into a women’s costume to have it done on time. Though this may seem like an easy task, it really wasn’t lol. I had to resew elastic bands to all of the pieces because they popped the minute I put the costume on, I had to sew pieces of the costume to a body suit, I had to buy a full face mask and cut out a hole for my face that was accurate (I had to purchase 2 because I messed up the 1st time), and I painted my swords with nail polish to match everything. I had no time at all to make a chain spear but I made the best of it. I’m going to wear this costume again for Comicon but it’ll be the upgraded version I had initially pictured in my head that is more accurate of the character. Anyway, let me tell you how I discovered Scorpion. When I was a kid, I loved video games. I loved them more than any other toy or gadget a kid could play with. As a tomboy who hadn’t yet discovered what feminism was; I would get very upset when games didn’t have female characters. Guess I started early? haha. So naturally when I would come across a video game that had women in them, I would pick the female character by default. When Mortal Kombat first came out, the only female character they had was Sonya. She was the only character I played but whenever I would have to fight Scorpion I would always be so impressed with his moves. Sounds romantic doesn’t it? haha. Anyway, he became one of the only male characters I willingly decided to play in a game that had a female character I could choose. I just thought he was so cool and that cool never left me after all of these years so it made sense as a Scorpio who usually celebrates her birthday on Halloween, to just go as Scorpion. Him and Sonya amongst other characters from different games like Cammy and Chung Li from Street Fighter were such a huge part of my childhood. It was really cute to be stopped by a bunch of gamers who were big fans of Scorpion and really loved that I gave it a female twist. However, I wasn’t the first, there are tons of female cosplayers who have done scorpion so I tried to give it my own twist. It came out amazing to say the least and I had the best time walking around Vegas with my friends. My costume caused a frenzy wherever I went and it was pretty cool that I didn’t bump into anyone with the same costume except for men haha. There’s a timeline of my night inside along with photos of my friends who also had great costumes! Read More


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