My 1st Retro Style & Beauty class at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet!

IMG_4473 Last month I was given the opportunity to teach my very own class on Retro Style & Beauty thanks to Amber at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet here in Las Vegas. I was nervous when I was given the opportunity as I have never taught a class before and wasn’t sure if I was even really ready to teach as I am learning new techniques every day but I coughed up the courage and decided to do it anyway.

It was finally the day and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I was blessed to have incredible sponsors who sent gifts for my students like Beach Bash Beachwear, Tatyana clothing, Sparkle Lux, Posh Adornments, Shop Glamarous, Crave Yard, Nic Coco Creations, Kenley Collins, and more. These students walked away with some SERIOUS goody bags because I wanted them to leave with a kit to get them started on their own retro journeys. Worried that no one would show, 11 lovely ladies showed up out of a 13 slot class and I was overjoyed at the thought that these girls wanted to learn something from me but to my surprise I learned something from them..I taught hair, makeup, and style. I initially only wanted to talk about style but I get messages all the time about my makeup and hair so I wanted to talk about that as well. My lovely models were my friends Nubia and Jade who were so sweet and supportive by allowing me to do their hair and makeup. It was also awesome to see my friend Yocelin who also came to my class to support. Lets not forget that I probably wouldn’t have any photos if it wasn’t for my friend Daniel of DMR photography who is one of the best photographers in Las Vegas! I have the best friends in the world!

Anyway, going back to what my students taught me…I realized that teaching beauty is not my forte even though I do it well. It wasn’t as empowering as me teaching them self-love. I can teach women how to be beautiful all day but it matters more to me to teach them how to learn to embrace the beauty they ALREADY HAVE. Not that I wouldn’t teach another class on Retro Beauty, I totally would. However, I get more satisfaction from teaching self-love and style. This is my expertise. It hit me when one of my students told me she once had an eating disorder. I wanted to completely change the curriculum I spent 4-6 hours on. I want to teach women how to embrace the beauty they were born with, not how to be beautiful when they already are, you know?

Though I was nervous from start to finish, the class was a success and I was happy that I conquered my fears and that my students learned a lot from me. They were so happy to leave with goody bags jam-packed with the essentials they need to start their journey and many were stoked to receive prizes from Sparkle Lux and Nic Coco Creations. The icing on the cake is when Amber told everyone that her entire store was 30% off which meant my students could start shopping for their own retro looks immediately! It was awesome to see how excited they were and It brought me great joy to hear that I got great reviews so I will definitely be teaching another class soon. See the photos of my class at Amberjoy’s vintage closet by clicking below. Read More

Black Mamba.

photo copy 8This outfit never made it into my instagram because it was during a time I took a detox from social media. I realize that I need to do this every now and then to regain my sanity and faith in humanity. There is so much terrible shit going on in the world that It’s hard to keep up and to be honest, it really depresses me. Doing a social media detox is not me ignoring world issues, it’s me helping myself deal. I’m really sensitive to negativity sometimes and it affects everything, even my personal style.You can usually tell my mood based on how I dress. It’s usually the inspiration behind the outfit and lately, I have just been in a weird dark place. I visit that dark place often so this is not my first rodeo, I usually come out of it like a champion. Anyway, just because you are feeling like shit doesn’t mean you have to look like shit. I’m always dressed best when I feel down. It’s a little piece of therapy for me. It lifts me up. On this day I went street-lux in an H&M two piece top and skirt set made of this cool thick mesh material. I fell in love with the quality and structure of these pieces that I couldn’t resist buying it and waiting for Fall. I accessorized the 2 piece with some killer jewelry, black sunglasses, my Nike sneaker wedges, and my Christian Louboutin studded purse. My outfit was black and my accessories were mainly silver, even my nails were metallic. What better way to top it off than to wear Limecrime’s black velvet lipstick? For just shooting my outfit these photos came out pretty dope thanks to my friends Jade & Santiago. Check em out inside! Read More

Dressed to kill by Susana Vestige

13 Here is another awesome look from my last shoot with Susana Vestige. This was my favorite set from all the outfits we shot because I have been dying to wear this rainbow knit two piece vintage suit (1950s). Ironically, I had no blouse to go with it and had to run to my local thrift shop and BOOM, I found the perfect button down. I then paired the outfit with some rad vintage accessories like this ivory pill-box hat and lion head belt. Of course I couldn’t leave out some awesome vintage cat eye sunglasses and my lucite springolators. It is always such a pleasure working with Susana who isn’t just a talented photographer but a wonderful humanist I adore. Thanks to her, one of the images she shot made it into Pink Bow City Magazines #13 issue but I loved them all so here are some you haven’t seen. Read More

Jazz of the jungle by Susana Vestige

avi Last month I was stoked to be featured in Pink Bow City Magazine for their July issue #13 wearing my first vintage swimsuit I ever purchased from What Was Is Vintage, shot by the talented Susana Vestige. It is always such a pleasure to shoot with her. It was awesome because I got to wear really awesome outfits from my collection and we got to  shoot at my house and in my neighborhood. I’m sure many of you remember this outfit as this was actually taken shortly before Viva Las Vegas (when I actually wore this outfit out with a much different hairstyle). I still wore the outfit the same and with my NicCoco hairflower <3. These shots are actually the images that never made it into the magazine. However, I still love them so much I decided to share them with you here. These images are ethereal, take a look at inside and tell me what you think ;). Read More

Be brave, black sheep.


I’ve spent most of my life as the black sheep and though I own my black coat 100% of the time, it doesn’t mean its easy. I often feel misunderstood, not relatable, alone, and frustrated when people are not open-minded enough to embrace who I am or even try to understand me. We all don’t have to be alike and the world would be such a better place if we embraced what made us all different instead of allowing our differences to set us apart. Sadly, the world doesn’t work that way. As a child all the way into adulthood, being the black sheep never ends. I am 27 years old and I still feel like a fish out of water no matter where I go.
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