Beauty School Dropout

5469 doneI recently collaborated with Daniel Rodriguez of DMR Depictions on a 3 look photo shoot. The theme was supposed to be the “teen dream”, an ode to teen style in the 1950s, but we ended up with a few wild card outfits that went off track haha. Luckily the other two are still of the 1950s era with my own modern spin of course. However, this one is one of my favorites. I found the most amazing vintage varsity jackets a year ago with the title “Panthers” and happened to stumble across a vintage skirt in the same color way. They both matched perfectly (I’m a lucky thrifter!) and I came up with the perfect 1950’s Cheerleader look. I loved it so much I just had to shoot in it! Hope you guys love it like I do! This is one of my favorite shoots to date and it was so much fun to shoot at his studio. I love collaborating with a photographer who gets my vision. We make such a great team! Read More

Chanour Jewelry

FullSizeRender copy 5I have been looking for a gorgeous Turkish bohemian necklace for months now but as a perfectionist I haven’t found the right style at the right price. Thankfully some of my girls at PUG came across this amazing Turkish jewelry brand called Chanour. I am OBSESSED with everything on their website and plan to expand my collection of Turkish pieces now that I have found the holy grail. See how I styled it with my other jewelry pieces. I love culture and I love to incorporate a plethora of them into my personal style. I paired my new Chanour necklace with my Tibetan bangles and it looked great. See photos inside.

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That New York Girl

VINTAGEVANDAL_268_LROne of the highlights of my last trip to New York was shooting with Erika (@riot_red) of @haguenyc. I normally just shoot with the same photographers most of the time because I happen to have some really talented friends but Erika was an exception after seeing the work she did with my Aunt and her children (who happen to be extremely stylish). Her work is a breath of fresh air and not the same boring Street Fashion stuff I see all the time. Sorry, but its the truth. She manages to shoot the most fashionably creative people all the time and I am honored she wanted to shoot me too. We only had 2 hours (if that!) of sunlight after our busy schedules but we made it work and shot two different looks in my hometown, Queens. One look was a vintage two-piece polka dot set I bought at Buffalo Exchange just the day before. We shot it in front of a wall graffitied by Queen Andrea. The other was a two-piece tiger printed Deadly Dames set I had been itching to wear that we shot by a tennis court by my mothers house. All of these images will serve as memories someday of the place I grew up in now that I reside in Las Vegas. They are so special to me. See inside. Read More

Toxic Connections


I know I haven’t been posting as much as I should. Instagram has practically become my blog and that’s really where all of the action is at. I have tried redesigning my blog to give me a little boost but after several failed attempts this weekend I realized my blog is fine the way it is. I was going to give it a clean white simple look but I am not simple, I am colorful, creative, artistic, and funky. I realize that it’s not my blog that’s the problem, I’ve just been doing this for so long that I am ready for the next step. What that is, well I don’t really know but I plan to find out.

Before I left to New York for a few weeks I told you guys something very personal. I was having non-stop anxiety attacks. They were completely paralyzing and affecting me terribly. Lots of people had no idea this was going on. I thought it may have been some kind of PTSD from past traumas but really… Read More


Patrick Nagel. Doctor Ojiplatico-ho. Doctor Ojiplatico

jpg039Patrick Nagel is one of my favorite artists of all time and was/is famous for his beautiful and colorful Art Deco stylized illustrations of women. Growing up in the 80’s I saw his works of art all over NYC in nearly every single nail salon in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and even Queens. Not a place I would like to see my art at but it became such a phenomenon for women who paid attention. You might also recognize his work if you are a Duran Duran fan as he designed their album cover for Rio. He also did work for Playboy Magazine. As an artist myself, his work always spoke to me, it was simple but so striking. I loved the contrasts of his colors and how edgy his characters looked. They remind me so much of my mother at the time. I think that’s one of the main reasons I love his work so much. My mother was a very edgy woman in the 80s. She had short hair, half of her head shaved, and had such a versatile style. Every time I see his characters I can’t help but think of her. I currently have a few Patrick Nagel portraits on my wall, one that is a print and another that is one of his original pieces with his signature. I have come across a few large portraits in random thrift stores across the country that I wish I would have bought but these things happen haha. To my surprise, Joyrich recently released a collaboration collection with Nagel and I am itching to get my hands on a few of these pieces. I have selected some of my favorite pieces that really stood out to me from the collection below. The rest was just eh. Anyway, they just launched on the site so go blow a hole through your wallets! Read More


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